4 Stylish Home Bar Design Ideas for Small Homes

Do you enjoy drinking with your friends and family, and entertaining them in your home? Then creating a home bar is an excellent idea! If you design it right, this space can become the most entertaining centre of your home.

You don’t need a large area to fit in a home bar into your interior decorating plans. In this blog post, we’ve put together some simple yet stylish ideas to design a functional and attractive bar in your petite home.

  • Build Storage

If you don’t have enough space to create a separate bar area, then you can recreate a part of your living room for the purpose. Make built-in cabinets or storage units to showcase your liquor collection, drinkware and bar accessories. They’ll make this part of the room look like a permanent home bar with its polished, distinguished appearance. If creating built-in cabinets are beyond your budget, utilize other regular storage units like a book shelf, buffet table, or cabinets. Make sure that the furniture you choose incorporates into the style of bar you intend to create.

  • Include an Island

A built-in island will provide you with some counter space to prepare and serve your drinks to your friends and family. If you set up the bar under your stairs, placing an island in front of the bar will serve several purposes. In addition, it’ll also spruce up the entire area. Add some attractive bar stools where guests can sit, drink and socialize at the bar.

Upgrade to a wet bar if your space allows you to include a sink. This will help you to clean glasses faster and serve drinks quicker, especially when you’re hosting a party.

  • Get a Freestanding Bar

Buying a ready-made freestanding bar unit is the easiest option but only if you have adequate space. They’re usually made of wood or composite wood. You can get them from a local furniture store or purchase it online. But note that when buying a bar unit, consider the size you can accommodate in your room, and the style of bar you want to create.

  • Purchase a Bar Cart

A bar cart is an affordable way to create a home bar, especially when you don’t want to go for a full renovation. Display your specialty liquors and bar accessories in this mobile bar that you can move to different corners of your home to serve your guests. There are several choices available at online retailers. You can also check out vintage shops and thrift stores for a unique piece.

Depending on your budget and space, make use of any of these ideas to create an appreciable home bar. Make sure to complement your bar with beautiful shakers, glasses, cocktail napkins, and other serveware once it’s set up. Don’t forget to get appliances like a wine cooler or a small refrigerator to keep your beverages cold.  For more home bar design ideas, check out Pinterest. Good luck!

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