5 Amazing Statement Pieces for a Living Room

living room
A living room is a space that defines your style and sense of décor. It should be designed to grab attention with just a glance and leave a lasting impression. To create an eye-catching living room, the most important addition is the right statement piece. It acts as an anchor that elevates your entire space and transforms the room from drab to fab.

If you want to design a gorgeous living room, then here are 5 statement pieces that are sure to create an awe-worthy space.

1) Accent Wall

An accent wall is generally the first thing that anyone notices when they walk into a room. It gives a distinct look to the room and acts as a focal point. Match striking, bold patterns with bright colours to create an attractive accent wall. If you want to create a sophisticated look, then a wooden accent wall will be your best bet. Apart from creating a unique accent wall, you can also consider a beautiful or abstract wall art to make a statement.

2) Oversized Painting

Bring drama to your living room by adding an oversized painting on the wall. Hang a unique piece of art over your sofa and paint the walls of your living room with colours that complement the artwork. It will give an art-gallery-like appearance to your room and add colour, texture, and depth to a simple and empty space.

3) Unique Furniture

An interesting piece of furniture with a unique design or shape is a great way of adding a wow factor to your living room. Choose a piece that is both practical and engaging such as leather sofas, contemporary sectionals, modern couches, or accent chairs. Quirky furniture pieces with unique colour combination give an impact to the décor and bring life to the otherwise boring living room.

4) Area Rug

Never underestimate the importance of your living room’s flooring in making a statement. The best way to utilize the floors is by adding an attractive area rug. It creates a focal point, injects excitement and brings a splash of colour to an otherwise bland living room. If you have a neutral style of décor in your living room, then a rug with bold colours and patterns will be the perfect statement piece.

5) Chandelier

A chandelier in the living room adds perfection and elevates the overall vibe. This amazing piece is capable of creating a welcome statement and gives a traditional look to the room. Add a chandelier over the main seating area or in the centre of your living room to make it easily visible.

Welcome your guests in the living room by treating their eyes with a gorgeous statement piece. Be it an amazing piece of artwork from a renowned artist or an interesting leather sofa from a furniture store near you, these statement pieces are sure to act as a centre of attention in your living room. Choose one of these pieces and transform your living room from blah to beautiful.

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