5 Facts to Know Before Purchasing a Bed


Beds are an important piece of furniture. In fact, they are so important that William Shakespeare bequeathed his best bed to his daughter after his death, while making a point that his ‘second best’ bed was to go to his widow.

You spend one-third of your life in bed. This isn’t a bad thing as rest and sleep are important for your well-being. For this reason, you need a comfortable, cozy bed that marries aesthetics with function. This isn’t all there is to it however. There are five important facts you should know when purchasing a new bed.

  • A bed is the single most used piece of furniture

Aside from sleeping, a lot of precious leisure time is also spent in bed. Napping, watching television or curling up to read a good book, these are all activities done on a bed for most people. A strong, sturdy bed is necessary so it can give you the proper support as you enjoy your free time.

  • The ‘King Sized’ bed is not that big

As their name suggests, king-size beds are large and super king beds are even larger. But, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find even larger beds if you really try. For example, the world’s largest bed is 65.5 metres long and 16.44 metres wide.

If king-sized or super-king beds aren’t right for your needs, then take down the measurements of your bedroom and do a little research. Find the bed size that provides what you want.

  • Cost doesn’t indicate quality

Bedroom furniture such as a bed can become very costly depending on the brands you’re looking to purchase. However, cost isn’t an indication of quality. There are many products that are sold on their brand alone. Instead, what you need to do is compare the cost of the bed with online reviews. See what’s being said about the product and determine if it’s worth the price tag.

  • Investing in bed furniture is important

So much of a person’s time is spent in bed. Ensuring that the mattress is comfortable is essential. It isn’t just about being able to have restful sleep either. Your back, joints, neck and spine will continually come in contact with the mattress. If it’s an uncomfortable or low-quality mattress, you risk injury to these areas.

  • Book lovers go for adjustable beds

If you love reading in bed, then an adjustable is what you need.  Created in the 1960s, these beds allow the user to move the inclination of the upper part of the mattress.

The modern version has its origins much earlier. Did you know the Egyptians had multi-purpose beds? They used their beds for sleeping, sitting and lounging. They were not actually adjustable beds, but designed in such a way that it could be well-adjusted for any purpose.

Don’t take shopping for a bed lightly. As mentioned earlier, it’s an important piece of furniture for both your health and leisure. Spend the time to do your research and get a bed that’s right for you and worth your money.

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