Add Years to Your Wooden Furniture by Cleaning it Right

Different kinds of wooden furniture are possessions of pride of every household. They are assets that are passed down to generation after generation but only if they are well maintained. It is quite common to sight such heirloom pieces in many homes. What needs to be appreciated here is that they have been extremely well maintained to have gained that worth. In fact these are possibly the most commonly found articles in antique shops. But as mentioned earlier, the secret lies in maintaining it well and lending it a timeless character.

Wood stays in great shape for decades but only if well cared for. It is easy to own wooden furniture, but a tad tougher to keep it looking great. This is possible only if you are aware of the right techniques of taking proper care of them. It does not matter what kind of wood it is. It could be ebony, mahogany, teak, rose, maple, pine, etc. but you ought to take equal care of all. Cleaning and caring for your these needs to be done at regular intervals and should be included in your normal cleaning schedule.

First and foremost is that you need to use a soft and clean cloth to dust your wooden furniture. You can use the same cloth for all kinds of wood if you have pieces made from different woods. But it is important that the cloth you use is soft to avoid dust particles from rubbing into the surface and create scratches. Dusting lightly with a cloth can be as frequently as possible. You can also use a slightly damp but soft cloth occasionally.

Avoid using chemical cleaning products on your wooden stuff as they do more harm than benefit. Opt for natural products for cleaning them like bees wax or olive oil for polishing and other non-toxic elements. Regularly polishing them creates a protective covering on the furniture, shielding them from sunlight, termites, insects and bugs in addition to imparting a shiny new look.

Oils are also great for wooden furniture. Though wood is supplemented with naturally occurring compounds that prevent it from going dry, it is always a good idea to have oil treatment for them. Some woods like may develop fine cracks over the years. You can rub in sufficient amounts of oil to the wooden surface and leave it overnight and then wipe off the excess next morning with a damp cloth.

Wood can fade if exposed to direct sunlight for long hours. So make sure that your wooden furniture is shielded from direct sunlight. Avoid letting wine, liquor and other stains sit on the wood for long. Use coasters for cups and glasses and clean and wipe dry immediately in case of spills. Also subjecting your wood to extreme heat can be detrimental, so best to avoid. Caring for such wooden assets is not tough provided you do it right and take the right precautions. Follow these tips for everlasting superior looking wooden assets.

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