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How to Perfectly Arrange a Small Living Room

A living room is a space where you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea while talking to your family members. But, if you have a cramped and claustrophobic living area, then the same space becomes uninviting. The solution for making a small living room more appealing, visually spacious and aesthetically pleasing, is to spruce up its décor and layout. The decoration of a small living room is important to maximize its space and trick your eyes into thinking that the room is bigger than it appears. Read more [...]

Interior Design Rules That You Should Break

There are certain rules of interior designing that define the structure of a space. They help in laying the foundation of a well-decorated home and avoiding the common errors that most people tend to make during a renovation. However, like with most things, rules are made to be broken. Breaking the rules of interior design is sometimes worth it to make your home’s interiors more personal and appealing. Bending the design guidelines not only gives your home an unexpected edge but also displays Read more [...]

5 Creative Decorating Ideas for Your Kid’s Playroom

A playroom is an important place for your child as it’s a dedicated space for him/her to play without interfering with the rest of the house. Being a parent, a playroom helps you in several ways as it's easy for you to store your kid’s countless toys which otherwise keep spreading around the house. In short, no more tripping over those Lego blocks. If your home’s square footage allows, give your child a playroom where they can play freely and keep their toys contained in one place. After creating Read more [...]

5 Clever Décor Hacks to Hide Ugly Stuff in Your House

No matter how well you decorate your home with exceptional pieces of furniture, there are a few household items that ruin the beauty of your house. From tangled TV cords in your media room to ugly pipes in the basement, these eyesores are unfortunately necessary parts of a home. These unpleasant items are hard to conceal without spoiling the perfect interiors of your home. Don’t worry though! Every problem has a solution. If you’re struggling to conceal these ugly items in your house, then here Read more [...]

4 Common Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Ever wondered why some houses look comfortable and inviting while others look cluttered? The answer is the interior design. The placement of furniture and furnishings; colour choices, accents and white space. Everything you choose while decorating a house is important. Another thing to consider is what you don’t do. Overdone interior décor is the primary reason why some houses fail to impress in terms of decoration. This is common when the decorator or homeowner lacks proper knowledge of interior Read more [...]

4 Beautiful Sofa Colours to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Colour is an essential part of interior design. It has the power to change the ambience and make your room look spacious, calm or vibrant. The colour of your furniture can also play a vital role in enhancing the décor. This really applies in the living room because it’s the first impression of your home and the most important furniture of a living room is a sofa. The colour of your sofa should be chosen with care because it’s the star of a perfect living room setting. Try these four sofa Read more [...]

The Ultimate Sofa Buying Guide

A sofa is an important part of your furniture collection. It’s a big investment which stays with your family for years, sometimes decades. It plays an integral role in your living room decor. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider various aspects before buying one. Buying a new sofa means a variety of options to consider such as styles, brands, features, and sizes. This might be a bit confusing. That’s why we’ve created a sofa buying guide to help you get the finest piece of furniture.Size Read more [...]

5 Essentials for an Appealing Dining Room

A dining room is an integral part of a home. It’s a hub of family entertainment, a place meant for eating together, bonding with each other and sharing ideas while enjoying mouth-watering, home-cooked meal. Therefore, it's important to make the place appealing by injecting style and warmth that symbolize the personality of the family members as a whole. To decorate an alluring dining area, there are a few items that are necessary. In today’s post, we’re looking at 5 essentials to consider Read more [...]

5 Amazing Statement Pieces for a Living Room

A living room is a space that defines your style and sense of décor. It should be designed to grab attention with just a glance and leave a lasting impression. To create an eye-catching living room, the most important addition is the right statement piece. It acts as an anchor that elevates your entire space and transforms the room from drab to fab. If you want to design a gorgeous living room, then here are 5 statement pieces that are sure to create an awe-worthy space.1) Accent Wall An Read more [...]

4 Stylish Home Bar Design Ideas for Small Homes

Do you enjoy drinking with your friends and family, and entertaining them in your home? Then creating a home bar is an excellent idea! If you design it right, this space can become the most entertaining centre of your home. You don’t need a large area to fit in a home bar into your interior decorating plans. In this blog post, we’ve put together some simple yet stylish ideas to design a functional and attractive bar in your petite home.Build StorageIf you don’t have enough space Read more [...]