Bask in the Trend of Mixing Styles of Bar Stools and Tables

There is nothing detestable if your preference for home decor is ordinary. You might not want everything out of the world. Your fundamental concern could be to provide ease to the user with low maintenance but longer durability.

What is the trick exactly?

The logic is to create the extraordinary by combining conventional with exceptional. Go for some unique combos with a good perception of color contrast. Here lies the strength of this aesthetic freedom. With so much variety in designs, colors, composing materials, finishes and merging options, every home will bloom with supreme contrast.

How is this proposition applied in the furniture world?

Think of furniture which can be utilized in multiple ways. How about chairs and tables? A table can be kept in bedroom, patio and kitchen. Together tables and chairs can be brilliantly used in a balcony, a dining room and a living room to entertain friends and relatives.


Two Wonderful Instances of Bar Tables and Stools

A stunning bar table is one marvelous option for your private pub. Instead of getting lost in crowded nightclubs, spend quality time over drinks at home with your dear friends. The most amazing part is you can complement the bar table with diversified patterns of bar stools.


  • Glass and wood bar table with Z-shaped bar stools : The bar table is primarily crafted out of solid wood, which is made arresting with long and rectangular black colored glass top. Storage facility allows you to stock wine and glasses as required. Such natural dominance of wood is complimented with backless stools of atypical Z structure. With metallic base and foot support you can fix the height of the stool as per your comfort. The top is padded with grained and thick Italian leather.
  • Tree trunk bar table and bar stools with elongated seats: Made from ash hardwood and veneer, this square bar table in bold shade of dark brown is made incredible with a base resembling a tree trunk. Equal the worth of the table with long black, red or white shades of chairs, where the seats are longer than the back support.

    The presence of high gloss finish adds grace and class. Whether you choose tempered clear or colored glass, round or rectangular tables; you can always better them with full support or hollow back colorful stools.

    There are no restrictions to explicate your imagination. Mix and match the bar tables, chairs and stools to fabricate your sole decor definition. Try the trend of mixed styles and play with color contrasts to render enigma.

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