Caring for your leather sofa

Leather furniture is an asset, no matter what it is. Of all kinds of leather furniture especially leather sofas are the most common as symbols of class and sophistication and no wonder home owners invest fortunes in procuring one. They are prized possessions not only because of the price tags, but also because they are extremely durable and last a life time. Though most manufacturers in the leather furniture business claim their products to be maintenance free and long lasting, the truth is only proper care and protection of leather sofas can add years to their life. On the other hand, if neglected and not cared for adequately they can perish much earlier than claimed.

Now let us talk about how you can take proper care for your leather sofa, so that you can actually turn it into an asset. With passage of time and usage, it is natural for wrinkles to appear on leather sofas that may add up to the class and elegance but scratches, stains and tears can really look bad and ruin your sofa way ahead of time.


  • Clean your leather sofa regular using either a vacuum cleaner or soft cloth. If you are using a damp cloth, wipe a small area to check whether water is being absorbed. Clean with damp cloth only if it does not absorb any water.
  • Be quick to mop off spills to avoid stains. Absorb liquid with a dry cloth or towel then wipe with a slightly damp cloth to avoid staining. If the stains persist, call for professional help instead of experimenting on your own.
  • If the spill is oily or greasy, blot the excess and then dust the area with some talcum powder or baking powder and leave for a while. Wipe with genuine leather cleaner obtained from a reputed store.
  • Opt for leather protection coating at the time of purchase. You may have to shell out a little extra, but it is definitely worth it.
  • You can also decide to go for annual or bi-yearly maintenance contracts with established service providers or stores.
  • Use leather conditioners that restore the richness of texture that tends to wear off with time.
  • Keep your sofa with soft cloth covered when not in use for additional protection.
  • Test any cleaning product that you buy over a small area before using it all over.
  • Discourage pets from encroaching upon the sofa.


  • Never wipe or clean with water and detergent or any other solvent or liquid that claims to clean leather. These artificial compounds unless genuine will rob the leather of its natural oils, drying it and causing cracks to appear.
  • Do not polish with wax or oils without proper knowledge as it could lead to staining causing patches.
  • Do not place your sofa in direct sunlight. This will lead to fading and discoloring of the sofa.
  • Do not fall prey to online stores claiming to clean your sofa or those selling cleaning agents. They can both do irreversible harm to your expensive sofa.
  • Do not keep sharp objects in the vicinity of the sofa to avoid tears and scratches.
  • Leather is inherently absorbent by nature. So exercise caution while placing anything colored, printed, dyed or liquid as these might leave stains behind on the sofa.


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