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How to Design a Stress-Free Bedroom

The bedroom should be the most relaxing place in your home, the room to unwind and take the stress out after a tiring day. But if your bedroom is unorganized, dirty and filled with distracting elements, it will become the one you want to be away from. Your bedroom décor plays a vital role in making the room comfortable and relaxing. From furniture to accessories and placement to decoration, every aspect is important for creating a relaxing bedroom. If you want to transform your bedroom into a Read more [...]

How to Perfectly Arrange a Small Living Room

A living room is a space where you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea while talking to your family members. But, if you have a cramped and claustrophobic living area, then the same space becomes uninviting. The solution for making a small living room more appealing, visually spacious and aesthetically pleasing, is to spruce up its décor and layout. The decoration of a small living room is important to maximize its space and trick your eyes into thinking that the room is bigger than it appears. Read more [...]

4 Office Design Trends That Are Here to Stay

From dull to vibrant colours, from cubicles to open work spaces, office design has changed a lot over the past few years. Office layouts have become more futuristic and functional compared to the decorative displays they were in past decades. The reason behind this change is multifaceted. Priority have shifted, offices are now designed to embrace elements such as productivity, flexibility and coordination. Everything else is secondary.Smart office furniture and modular arrangements are also Read more [...]

5 Facts to Know Before Purchasing a Bed

Beds are an important piece of furniture. In fact, they are so important that William Shakespeare bequeathed his best bed to his daughter after his death, while making a point that his ‘second best’ bed was to go to his widow.You spend one-third of your life in bed. This isn’t a bad thing as rest and sleep are important for your well-being. For this reason, you need a comfortable, cozy bed that marries aesthetics with function. This isn’t all there is to it however. There are five Read more [...]

Improve Your Living Space with the Right Seating Arrangement

Choosing the right seating arrangement is important for your living room. The wrong chair in the wrong place can throw off the vibe of the space.Thankfully, you don’t need extensive knowledge about interior designing to get the aesthetic flow of a room harmonized. What it involves is choosing suitable furniture for your living space, careful thought and planning. Buying incompatible furniture will result in your living space feeling cluttered. This makes it important to assess your living Read more [...]

Recliners and Sofas – Matchless Picks for Your Condos

When you own a condo, you own everything within the unit. Burdened with personal and professional responsibilities, condo gives you a cosy space for ultimate relaxation. Just when you are about to indulge yourself in the comforts of a condo, you are irked by the expenditure of buying furniture.There is no reason to wipe that smile off your face. Whether you own a small, apartment or bungalow style condo, furniture in improvised styles, patterns and affordable rates are available. To curb frustration, Read more [...]