Green Furniture VS Sustainable Furniture


There are plenty of furniture companies that declare that their products are ‘green’. What they are referring to is what the furniture is made of. For example, a bed made from recycled metal is technically ‘green’. It doesn’t matter that the same metal will live on long after the owner in a landfill somewhere. As you can see, ‘green’ doesn’t mean sustainable.

For furniture to be classified as sustainable, it needs to be of a certain quality, able to resist wear and tear, and be constructed of materials that the environment can re-absorb.

There are a few questions and considerations that you will need to make as a buyer if you truly want to own furniture that won’t harm the environment.

Less is More When It Comes to Homes

It should go without saying, but a smaller home costs the environment less. It requires less materials to construct. Less carbon emissions are generated to power it, and less items are needed to furnish it. While you can make other aspects of a home sustainable, what will ultimately determine the level of success is its size.

Greater Functionality Means a Smaller Footprint

Even if you buy green furniture made from recycled materials, it won’t amount to much if it’s in constant need of replacement. Buying space maximizing, high quality green furniture is more important. Doing so reduces the desire many people will have for desiring a bigger home—more space.

Who wins?

Green furniture is a more environment friendly choice over non-eco friendly furniture. There’s no doubt about that. But, not all types of green furniture offer the same durability.

For that you need to opt for sustainable furniture. The good news is that a lot of innovative designers have come up with wonderful furniture designs with sustainability in mind.

Even so, if you are in a position where you must choose one over the other, sustainability may trump ‘green’. Having a couch made from recycled materials isn’t as environmentally-friendly as you think if it needs to be replaced every year.

Have sustainability be your priority when buying furniture.

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