Make the Most of Your Curio Cabinet

Curio cabinets are common yet important pieces of furniture that can be seen in most homes. They are most commonly placed in living rooms, where often they become a focal point owing to the varied contents inside it. These show cases are the best way to display art pieces, show pieces, collectibles, memorabilia, etc. and enhance the aesthetics of a living room greatly. However, for a curio cabinet to have maximum impact, it is important to bear in mind the following things:


These cabinets can be placed on the floor or wall mounted in case of limited floor space. Choose the size and number of shelves depending on the number of objects that you wish to display.


These cabinets come in a variety of styles giving you a plethora of options to choose from. You can choose one that matches your interiors and existing furniture for a synchronized look and feel. Since these are mostly a combination of wood and glass, you need to select the wood that goes best with your furniture.


Such cabinets have either single or double doors depending upon the size and design. Make sure that the doors are fastened well at all times especially if you have children and pets around. You can also consider installing locks for additional safety.


The lighting inside a curio cabinet is key and needs to be chosen well. Gentle focus lights from the middle of the top shelf works best giving a striking effect. Putting lights in corners will lead to formation of shadows of items on display. Also the light inside should be in sync with external lighting of the room. Mirrored backs are a common choice for these cabinets as they enhance the effect by reflecting the light and also allow an all round view of objects kept inside.


Intricate and small objects need to be placed in the front portion of the shelves while the larger ones can go back. While arranging your objects, keep in mind the color scheme or theme of the room. You can group items that are alike in color, topic, size or region, etc. You can also keep them in a straight line or semi circle or in small groups. Arrange in a way that does not look cluttered. For this it is important that you leave some empty spaces on shelves.

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