Protect Leather Sofas from Staining

Cloth covered sofas are naturally absorbent and retain marks of everything that falls on them. Leather sofas are however more stain resistant as compared to cloth ones. Leather sofas need proper care and maintenance as they are not 100% stain resistant. Certain stains can occur from a number of reasons like food, dust, spills, mildew, etc. In order to avoid stains from ruining your expensive leather sofa, you ought to take appropriate care. Let us see how to go about it:

Prevent growth of mold and mildew

Since leather is naturally moist, it has a tendency to promote growth of mold and mildew especially if you live in an area with warm and humid climate. To prevent this you need to coat your sofa with light wax or some recommended natural oil. Protective solutions are also available off the shelves in stores. You can also create your own solution by mixing rubbing alcohol with salicylanilide that is available at chemical stores.

Get rid of stains

The best way to get rid of stains is to wipe them clear instantly. As soon as a spill occurs, remove the solids and in case of liquids, mop up the excess. Remember not to rub on the sofa as this will make the stain stubborn. In case of ink or wine spills, blot the leather with rubbing alcohol and dust with baking soda in case of a greasy or oily stain. You can also leave on a mixture of lemon juice or vinegar with cream of tartar and leave this on for a while, before you finally clean it.

Maintenance Routine

It is common for dust and grime build up on your sofa which gives it a jaded look. Cleaning it regularly will help maintain its look. You can use a moist microfiber cloth to wipe dust off your leather sofa. Vacuuming it once in a week or twice in a week will also goes a long way in maintaining the look of a leather sofa. Along with these cleaning measures, you also have to apply a leather conditioner to retain the natural luster of leather. Applying conditioner not only enhances the look but also helps to preserve the soft texture of leather. You can either buy a ready to use conditioner or make your own one by mixing linseed oil or flaxseed oil with white vinegar.

Following the above measure regularly will leave your leather sofa looking as good as new!

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