Recliners and Sofas – Matchless Picks for Your Condos

When you own a condo, you own everything within the unit. Burdened with personal and professional responsibilities, condo gives you a cosy space for ultimate relaxation. Just when you are about to indulge yourself in the comforts of a condo, you are irked by the expenditure of buying furniture.

There is no reason to wipe that smile off your face. Whether you own a small, apartment or bungalow style condo, furniture in improvised styles, patterns and affordable rates are available. To curb frustration, condo furniture comes customized specifically to fit within restricted space. All you have to do is select décor which defines your taste and enhances the elegance of your alcove.

Elongated sofas serve dual purpose, they allow you and your partner to sit and sleep, excluding the hassle of tagging in narrow beds or additional chairs. You can lie spreading your limbs across a sofa bed or cuddle into a relaxing recliner. These, therefore, remain atop the list of condo furniture.

Rolled Arm Sofas

  • As it curves outward, it relaxes your hands and shoulders. Rolled arm sofas are traditional and easy to get. The solid-wood frame of this sofa is bettered by comfortable feathered and down-blend cushions.
  • The exterior covering consists of leather and variants of fabric. Red velvet upholstery will look classic with white fluffy cushions. Such a combination contrasts natural hardwood flooring and white walls.
  • You can magnify your ease with double layer of seat cushions and multiple small pillows.

Rolled Arm Sofa

Double Seater Skirted Sofas

  • As the name sounds, this sofa will fit snug in your confined space. It is highly favoured by girls for its feminine, soft and supple skirting. They look awesome with several small and big pillows made of feather or cotton.
  • The skirts are magnificently bordered with box, button, kick and other forms of pleats.


Sofa Beds

  • Sofa Beds are modernized, innovative double function furniture. Extended sections of sofa beds can be folded-in and out with instilled mechanisms.
  • The entire sofa bed itself can be opened and closed within seconds. Accompanied by chaise either on the left or right, you can sit-up straight or relax down while watching TV.

sofa bed


  • Breaking the stiffness of sofa, a recliner sprawls back and front as preferred by the occupant. To augment the comfort quotient, a footrest, comes to relieve your feet.


  • The exterior material of a recliner consists of leather and fabric in varieties of white, burgundy, black, brown and other shades. The most amazing feature associated with it is that you can tilt it back completely and feel the same comfort as that of a bed.

These suggestions will assist you to utilize the limited condo space in an optimized way. Rather than spending your savings on buying different furniture, the trick is to buy one which serves the purpose of two. Multi-functional sofas and recliners are the happening ones in this segment of furniture. People can’t call you stringent; they just praise your prudence and pragmatism.

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