Versatility of Accent Chair makes it the Lone Winner

An accent chair is a standalone warrior. With unique design, extent of comfort and amazing colors, an accent chair will alone pull all your attention. When you invest on anything, you insist on quality and durability. Accent chair, fitting both of your needs, occupies an important position in rare home decor ideas.

Some Varieties of All-purpose Accent Chair



1. Tulip accent chair: The name speaks out for itself. Topped with high-class leather; exceptionality is induced in this accent chair by cutting the armrests brilliantly with a pointed top and curvy sides, to resemble the petals of a tulip flower.

2. Armless accent chair: Just for some change an armless accent chair is good to be utilized in your living room or lounge. With stainless steel legs, the entire body is bonded with button tufted leather. Common colors available in tufted leather are grey, black, white and peanut brown.

3. Accent chair with cantilever: This accent chair excludes the patent usage of four legs and instead is supported by L-shaped cantilever base. Made of lustrous stainless steel, the top will ease your joints with the fluffy touch of foam embedded within leather. The leather is made eye-catching by creating depressions at regular intervals with buttons.

4. Classic wooden accent chair: Upholstery of white linen over the entire wooden frame, makes this accent chair simple yet suitable for every space of your house. Place it in a dark walled patio or in your drawing room with white colored walls and carpet of bold brown shade; the accent chair will heighten the appearance of both.

5. Accent chair with nailhead trimming: This accent chair is upholstered in bonded leather and made striking with silver nailhead detailing on the outside back. A midnight-blue accent chair of this type will look just winsome with pink colored walls and white semi-transparent draperies.

6. Swivel accent chair: As the name suggests, sitting on swivel accent chair you can access things placed nearby in any direction. The chromed metallic base topped with white colored leather is apt for any décor, specifically with orange or golden shades of hardwood flooring.

7. Lovable velvet: Can anything be more endearing than an all velvet low back accent chair? The fundamental aspect of this accent chair is the radiant and good-to-feel velvet fabric above the stainless steel legs. The deep tufting of buttons massively adds elegance to the shine of velvet.

With endless variants, accent chairs are equivalent to ornamental objects. The use of good quality materials provides users with required ease. It is untrue that all accent chairs are expensive. Each type has two sections, high-priced and cost-effective. Accent chairs are thus preferred by most home owners.

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