3 Things to Consider Before Buying Bar Stools for Your Home

Bar stools are an elegant addition to a kitchen counter or bar setting. They complete the look and provide a comfortable seating for family, friends and sometimes even neighbours that join the gathering while the food is being cooked or drinks are being served. This versatile piece of furniture is much more than just a sitting arrangement as it encourages people to get together and spend quality time.

Bar stools are available in a variety of designs and styles, which is often a bit confusing for homeowners who are new to them. As a result they end up buying bar stools that are not suitable for their kitchen and/or bar counters.

In this blog post we will clear that confusion by explaining three things you should consider before buying bar stools for your home to avoid making mistakes.


The height of your bar stool is the first thing to consider before making an investment. It should be in accordance with the measurements of your counter or table. To determine the perfect height of a bar stool, measure the height of your counter or table and subtract 10 inches from it. This will be the appropriate height of your bar stool.

For example, if your counter measures between 35 and 39 inches, then bar stools ranging between 25 and 29 inches of height will be suitable. This will allow you to get enough space to sit comfortably and put the bar stools under the counter when not in use.


Choosing the correct width of your bar stool is important if you want to place more than one near the counter. The ideal distance between each bar stool is 6 inches. So, to determine the correct width of the stools, divide the length of your counter by this number, plus the width of the stool. If your counter is long enough to accommodate many stools, then you can go for pieces that have seats 16 inches wide, or 22 inches with arms.

Therefore, if you have a long counter or bar of 80 inches, then you can comfortably accommodate three stools of 16 inches each, leaving at least 6 inches space between them and considering additional side space on each end of the counter. If you choose small sized stools, then you can fit more pieces.


The purpose of buying bar stools plays a crucial role in determining which type of stool will be good for you. For example, if you want to use bar stools occasionally to have a cup of coffee in the kitchen or your breakfast, then the classic, industrial steel stools will be good. But if you want to use the stools to watch television or enjoy drinks during a party, then comfortable tools with upholstery, armrest and backrest will be the best bet for you.

Bar stools are multifunctional furniture as they act as an extended dining area when combined with a kitchen counter. When placed in a bar setting, they add to the elegance of your décor and enhance the appeal of your living space.

Before you spend on bar stools for your home, consider their height, width and use. You can browse our bar stool collection to find high-quality pieces at budget-friendly prices.

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