5 Clever Décor Hacks to Hide Ugly Stuff in Your House

homeNo matter how well you decorate your home with exceptional pieces of furniture, there are a few household items that ruin the beauty of your house. From tangled TV cords in your media room to ugly pipes in the basement, these eyesores are unfortunately necessary parts of a home. These unpleasant items are hard to conceal without spoiling the perfect interiors of your home.

Don’t worry though! Every problem has a solution. If you’re struggling to conceal these ugly items in your house, then here are 5 décor hacks that can help with the hiding.

1) Dirty, Tangled Garden Hose

It’s the story of every house with a garden. Your dirty, tangled garden hose keeps lying in the grass like a dead snake and gives an unpleasant look to your garden. Cover it up by building a neat, wooden box and storing your garden hose in it. You can conceal it by adding a recessed planter as a lid. It will give a clean and colourful look to your garden while hiding the garden hose.

2) Blinking Thermostat

Thermostats play an important role in maintaining a comfortable environment inside your house. But, that doesn’t mean your home’s indoor temperature should be on display all the time. Use a painting or a photo and customize it by adding hinges for easy access to the thermostat. Place it on the wall in such a way so that it hides the thermostat and allows you to open it like a secret door when required.

3) Greasy Basement Pipes

The sight of the ugly basement pipes while folding your laundry is irritating. Give something pleasing to your eyes by hiding those unpleasant, greasy pipes with mini-blinds. These blinds not only conceal those unsightly pipes but also give a sleek look to your laundry room. You can raise those blinds if you want to clean or paint the pipes and lower them after completing the work.

4) Bulky Router

Placing an internet router on a cabinet or table is not an ideal way to decorate your living room. If you don’t want a bulky gadget to be the focal point of your home décor, then use a vintage book cover to hide it. It’s a great way to camouflaging the router in other office stationery kept on the table without interfering with the signal.

5) Tangled Cords and Wires

Dealing with the intertwined cords and wires of your electronic equipment is difficult. You need to be both smart and creative while looking for ways to hide those creeping items running all through your walls and corners of the floor. There are two ways to do it. First of, if you have just a single wire to hide, then it’s better to turn into a work of art rather than making efforts to hide it. Stick a few cut-outs with that wire, such as decorating it like a branch of a tree with a bird and a few leaves or sticking some pieces of colourful papers at equal distance on the wire to give a decorative look. Secondly, if you have tangled wires running through the corners of your floors, then build a mini fence around it for concealing them in a creative way.

These ugly household items are necessary to keep your home functional. You can’t do without them so it’s better you find out ways to deal with them. These clever décor hacks are perfect to give a neat and clean look to your home while hiding those eyesores effortlessly. Try them today and let us know how it looks.

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