5 Creative Decorating Ideas for Your Kid’s Playroom

ShowRoom3A playroom is an important place for your child as it’s a dedicated space for him/her to play without interfering with the rest of the house. Being a parent, a playroom helps you in several ways as it’s easy for you to store your kid’s countless toys which otherwise keep spreading around the house. In short, no more tripping over those Lego blocks.

If your home’s square footage allows, give your child a playroom where they can play freely and keep their toys contained in one place. After creating a playroom for your kid, think of decorating it creatively to bring a smile on your little one’s face. Need help? If so, then here are 5 playroom style ideas for you.

1) Consider the Safety Measures

Safety is the first thing to consider when decorating your kid’s playroom. Cover items that can pose a potential threat to your children such as outlets, lead paint and pointed objects. Use soft storage boxes or bins instead of heavy boxes or metal bins to avoid injuries.

2) Use Vibrant Colours

Children are attracted to bright and eye-catchy colours. Decorate your little one’s playroom with vibrant colours to give it a fun and inviting appearance. It will give a pop to the overall look of your room. Use patterned carpet tiles that feature numbers or images of animals, and buy bright cushioned sofas to make the room look more interesting. Balance these dramatic inclusions by adding neutral colours to the walls.

3) Choose a Theme

Decorating your kid’s playroom according to a theme adds to the playful atmosphere of this space. Choose a theme such as camping, nature, jungle or the beach, and add elements inspired from this theme. For instance, for a camping theme set up a small tent at one corner of the room and place folding chairs to give the camping feel. Decorate the walls with multiple wood pieces and hang curtains with images of trees printed on them.

4) Buy Furniture with Care

Every playroom must have some essential pieces of furniture that are extra sturdy and durable. Items such as a table, a few chairs and shelves should be placed in a playroom to provide a platform for every activity. For example, Play-Doh, tea time and board games, all need a table for playing. Make sure the furniture you purchase has round edges so that your kid doesn’t get hurt while playing.

5) Set up Separate Stations

Simply adding elements is not enough for a well-decorated playroom. You need to ensure that it is kept neat and organised. Setup separate play stations for different activities such as blocks, colouring and imaginary play. Keep separate boxes for storing toys, blocks, and stationery with labels so that your kid identifies it easily.

Incorporate these ideas into your child’s playroom design to create a place that your little one cherishes. If you’re looking to buy furniture for your child’s playroom, browse through our latest collection to get some of the trendiest pieces in the market.

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