5 Creative Wall Decor Ideas for Your Interiors

Wall Arts

Wall art has the power to take your interior designing to the next level. It can add a unique style and personality to your rooms. When used properly, it can serve as an excellent framework for planning the rest of the room according to your designing style. Here are 5 creative ideas to spice up your empty walls like those in the pages of interior design magazines.

  1. Decorate with Handmade Wreaths

Handmade wreaths crafted from natural elements can be hung on your blank walls. It’s easy to make these wreaths on your own. Here are two simple ideas.

  • Vine-and-Flower Wreath: Take bittersweet vines and Chinese lantern stems. Strip the leaves. Twist and bend them into a circle. Take a wire wreath frame and wrap the vines around it. Tuck in Chinese lanterns or any seasonal flowers you like to give the wreath an attractive look. Use glue to secure the stems and loose pods. You can also use honeysuckle, hydrangea or Virginia creeper vines instead of bittersweet.
  • Mini White Pumpkin Wreath: Miniature white pumpkins are easily available in Canada. But you may have never thought of creating a creative craft with these tiny gourds. Take a straw wreath and stick the pumpkins on it with the help of glue. Fill up the open spaces that’ll be left on the straw wreath with pistachios with shells. This charming wreath will brighten up your blank wall as a unique centrepiece.

You can also make wreaths out of colourful leaves (real or silk), ribbons, berries and cattails. If it seems too much of work for you, you can always buy creative wreaths from a crafts store to adore your wall.

  1. DIY Pallets Wall Art

Pallet wall art is a popular choice to customize the look of your interiors. Pallets are made from wood and they can instantly give your room a rustic, contemporary or artsy look, depending on the design. You can paint unique themes and hang the pallet or you can place family photos on pieces of pallets and hang them up on your wall. If you’re short on ideas, you can find many pallet art inspirations on Pinterest.

  1. Create an Art Gallery Wall

You can make a personal statement with an art gallery wall in your room. Mix paintings, prints or photographs in neutrals like black, white and wood-toned art pieces to compose your gallery. Also, experiment with arrangements and sizes of your picks. Search for more ideas on the internet.

  1. Hang Quotable Wall Art

You can shop beautifully framed, quotable wall pictures from an interior design store or online. Browse through the quotations and find the one that most inspires you. However, if you want to frame your own quotes, you can quickly create one by yourself. Take a foam core board and paste a tissue paper on it. Cut letters out of colourful papers or magazine photos to bring in texture and colour to your letters. Paste the letters on the board with glue and frame the board. Your quotable wall art will be ready to jazz up your interiors.

  1. Use Wall Stickers, Decals and Vinyl Art

These are simple, quick, convenient and inexpensive ways to transform a boring wall into something exciting. Since they are easy to apply and remove, they are great for creating attractive wall designs whenever you want. You can also personalize the decals and stickers by cutting and layering the designs whichever way you choose. They are a perfect fit for contemporary houses. You can choose from a huge variety of designs such as landscapes, trees and birds, cute animals, flowers, geometric and abstract patterns.

Wall art creates a background for your furniture and refines the look of an entire space. Include wall art selectively in your interiors and you can easily give your space a makeover like a professional interior designer!

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