5 Easy Hacks to Give Your Old Furniture a Facelift

Do you want to give a new look to your furniture collection but can’t afford to buy new pieces? If so, then continue reading.

Let’s be honest, buying new furniture for your home is not possible for everyone, especially if you’re operating on a tight budget. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to your old, saggy sofa and worn out cabinets. You can upgrade your furniture items by using some style hacks and giving them a quirky new look on a budget.

Here are 5 easy hacks that you can use to give your old furniture a facelift.

Get New Throw Pillows for Your Sofa

Your sofa is the focal point of your living room. If your sofa is looking tired because of wear and tear, then the whole look of your living room is compromised. The best way to give an instant makeover is to get new throw pillows for your sofa. You can experiment with colours, patterns, shapes, and sizes of the throw pillows and give the desired look to your sofa. For bright-coloured, floral patterned sofa go for geometric throw pillows and for neutral or dark-coloured sofa select bright throw pillows with bold patterns. Adding some nailhead trim and new slipcovers are also good options for a revamp.

Change Drawer Knobs

Transform your plain chest of drawers into a trendy piece of furniture by swapping the old drawer knobs with colourful, ornamental ones. You can take this decoration to the next level by choosing designer knobs of unique shapes such as animals, stars and hearts. This easy upgrade will give your drawers an extremely quirky and cool appearance without breaking the bank.

Repaint Old Wooden Chairs

Show your DIY skills to upcycle your old wooden chairs and transform them into chic dining chairs. Repaint the chairs with a vibrant colour and add a wow factor to your dining room with a country house-like feel. If you want to add a fun element to the décor, then paint the legs and seats in contrasting hues. This easy hack is sure to make your dining room a treat to watch.

Add Metal Corners to Side Tables

A brilliant way of giving a classy makeover to your ordinary side tables is adding metal corners to them. Metallic corners made of brass or other shiny metals are available online. Install these corners and adorn your side tables to give a trendy appearance.

Wallpaper the Back of Your Bookcase

Are you bored of your white bookcase? Add a spark to your boring bookshelf by putting a colourful wallpaper on its back. Take measurements, give a wipe down to your bookshelf, choose bright, patterned wallpapers and use a wallpaper paste to fix the wallpaper neatly into place. Don’t forget to smoothen the surface to avoid bubbles or wrinkles.

Use these easy hacks to give your old furniture a facelift. These clever DIYs will not only make your furniture look expensive but also give a trendy makeover to your home décor. However, if your furniture pieces are too old and damaged to be used, then buying new, high-quality furniture items for your home will be the best choice. You can go through the latest collection of any leading furniture store in Toronto and buy modern furniture items at affordable prices.

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