5 Innovative Styling Ideas for Your Coffee Table

A coffee table is an essential part of any coffee-addict’s home. Be it unwinding with a cup of coffee in morning, reading a magazine or as a convenient place for storage, it accentuates the décor of your living room. However, time and overuse may have left your coffee table looking worn and frumpy. This can’t continue if you ever plan on entertaining guests.


Here are some easy and unique ideas to spruce up the style statement of your coffee table.

  1. The Beauty of Simplicity

A simple and clean look is a classic of home décor because it allows for a clean appearance. The same applies to coffee tables as well. A simple design adds an elegant appeal to your décor and gives a breathing space to other elements in your living room.

  1. Playing with Vibrant Colours

Before you settle for any colour old scheme, always make the theme is chosen in advance. Vibrant colours are an excellent way to style your coffee table as they give you many versatile design options. If your coffee table is in a neutral shade, add a pop of bright colour for a refreshing and playful look. For a dark wooden table, use metallic décor items for an old world charm.

  1. The Golden Rule of Three

Just like the other areas of design, the rule of three is the best way to make your coffee table more stylish. To start with this, use books and magazines (preferably coffee table books of uniform dimension) as a base for a beautiful layering. Then place various tabletop items on it. You can use things like a flower pot, candle stand and metallic pieces of different heights to achieve a dynamic look.

  1. Using an Elegant Statement Piece

A statement piece on a coffee table can draw a lot of attraction if well chosen. You can use a big pot, sculptures or any form of artwork to bring out diverse moods like vacations, special dates or as per the theme of your décor.

Usually, tabletop items used are more colourful or bigger in dimension, so as to brighten up the décor.

  1. Adding a Touch of Personalization

Using an object that tells a sweet story from your cherished memories is a great way to style your decor. A souvenir from your last vacation or a memento from a special occasion when used as a tabletop item, adds a personal touch to your home décor.

Once you have done your research on the list of items you will be using to decorate your coffee table, make a proper plan based on the theme of your home. You need to perfect the art of balancing and every individual piece beautifies the décor in its own way.

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