5 Simple Ideas to Change the Look of Your Covered Deck

A deck, whether open or covered, is a perfect outdoor recreational area that fits any style of house. If you’re planning to construct a new covered deck or want to upgrade the look of your existing covered deck, we’ve got some ideas to inspire you. These simple ideas will bring style, comfort and utility to your deck.

  1. Add More Comfort

 Arrange lots of places for family and friends to sit. Start with a comfortable furniture set like sofa and chairs. Mix it up with benches and garden stools. Throw in oversized cushions and durable pillows of various sizes at each seating area. Make sure that the cushion and pillow covers are bright and colourful, made from fabrics that can endure heat and moisture. You can also hang a hammock at one corner of your deck.

  1. Put Bright Floor Covering

 Cover some parts of your deck floor with area rugs in bright, bold colours. You can experiment with several patterns and textures to match the furniture and the deck area. Choose the size and shape according to your styling needs. For example, if you have a round deck table, then a round shaped rug will look beautiful underneath; if you have a square or rectangular table between your group seating arrangements, then a square or rectangular rug will fit better. Just make sure to choose rugs that are made from heat and mildew resistant materials like acrylic.

  1. Create a Deck Garden for Natural Colours

 Plants are a great way to bring a refreshing touch to your deck. Place a variety of potted annual and perennial plants with bursts of colours at the edges of the deck or along the railings (if applicable). You can also grow vegetables like tomatoes, beans, carrots, etc. in containers. Place them along the sunny side of your deck. Put these containers on rolling supports to move them easily to any part of your deck. You can also grow herbs and a creepers garden to define your deck area.

However, if your deck is wooden, be careful not to place the pots directly on the surface of the wood. If water comes in contact with the wooden floor when you water the plants, the wood will eventually get damaged. You can either place them over bricks or drainage saucers, or you can hang them in the shade. When hanged, the blooms and foliage will help soften the open sides of your covered deck.

  1. Turn It into a Fireside and Eating Out Zone

 A portable fire pit at one side of the deck acts as a beautiful focal point in addition to providing warmth during the winters. However, there are various rules and regulations regarding the use of open-air or outdoor fires. According to the Ontario Fire Code, only a small confined fire is permissible outdoors to cook food on a grill or barbecue, under constant supervision.

Place a small dining table, stools and a wine cooler beside the fire pit to create an outdoor eating area. Grill food, drink wine and make the most of your time with your loved ones. If you can hang up some outdoor speakers to play music, your deck will be a perfect outdoor spot for partying!

  1. Install a Hot Tub

 Want a personal oasis to relax and unwind? Choose a corner of your deck and add a hot tub. You can fix it either on a raised platform or sink it in the deck area, according to your deck structure and convenience. For privacy, you can surround the tub with tall potted plants, portable wooden partition or screened gazebo.

No matter what your budget is, there are several ways to transform your deck into a stylish, cozy space just like your living room. Put some of these ideas to use and transform your covered deck to wow your guests!

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