5 Simple Ideas to Stylize Your Bachelor Pad

The image of an unorganized and messy bachelor pad is outdated. A lot of single men these days make their apartments or homes look classy and modern. From living rooms to bedrooms, today’s bachelor pads are all about comfort, style and gaining the attention and approval of friends and visitors.

In this blog, we’ll be going over five simple ideas to bring the best out of your bachelor pad (all while staying within the budget).

  1. Select Proper Furniture that’s also easy to Take Care of

Choose furniture that’s not only modern looking, but also easy to maintain. Avoid cluttering rooms with unnecessary items. Below are some essential furniture items to pick up for your space.

  • Comfortable Sitting Arrangements: There are several options to choose from. You can get bean bags, stylish stools, chairs or recliners to decorate your rooms. Go for durable, yet stylish materials like leather.

  • Sofa Bed: Sofa beds are a great choice if you want to save space, especially if your apartment is small. Stretch out the sofa and turn it into a bed in no time when a friend comes to stay over. 

  • Sideboards and Closets: Some single men struggle with keeping things organization. Closets and sideboards are ways to store your things away from prying eyes, especially piles of clothes, socks, and other utility items. Keep your wardrobe organized with wooden hangers.

  • Coffee Table: Although you may like to eat your dinner in bed or on the sofa, your guests may not appreciate the set up. If owning a dinner table is over your budget, then go for a stylish coffee table as a cheap replacement.

  • Bookshelf: If you’re a bookworm or your best friends are book lovers, set up a bookshelf in the living area. You can also create a reading corner in your space. Display your collection of books and magazines and enjoy your book time with your friends or flatmates.

  1. Choose Interesting Colours for Your Walls

Different light hues can make your space appear bigger. Experiment with a contrast colour on walls with various textures or patterns. For example, if you choose a light gray colour for your room, paint one of the walls in cobalt, creating a focal point of attention.

  1. Pick Window Treatments that Complements Your Space

Some bachelors ignore decorating the windows of their space. A beautifully treated window can not only spruce up the area, but can also help you conserve energy. Select floor-length draperies in bold colours or striped/checker patterns. You can also pair monotone curtains with cellular shades, simple roman shades or roller shades. For the bedroom, opt for blackout blinds to block light and enjoy sound sleep during the weekends or holidays.

  1. Consider Wall Décor

Buy some wall décor items that reflect your interests and hobbies. If rafting is one of your hobbies, select a rafting-themed wall art or décor item. You don’t need to match the artwork with the colour of the walls or curtains. Instead, focus on making it the focal point of your room. Mix and match with supporting accessories and have it become a conversation piece. Also consider wallpaper and poster to customize the walls.

  1. Set up an Entertainment Area

An entertainment centre can be an excellent hang out area for you and your friends. A dedicated hang out space will help keep the rest of your pad clean and clutter free. Have a TV, music system or home theatre, etc., arranged properly on your TV stand in the entertainment area. Place a mini-fridge with beer and ice bucket nearby.

When decorating your bachelor pad, keep your budget in mind. Think of creative ways to repurpose some of your old items into functional pieces of wall art and storage. For some creative ideas, check out Pinterest. For new stylish and contemporary furniture, view our collection at Bijan Interiors.

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