5 Stylish and Functional Décor Ideas for Your Kid’s Room

Do you need to decorate your kid’s room? It won’t be easy; children tend to crave creativity. Your challenge will be coming up with something striking that will both fit your budget, and won’t end up an eye sore. That means designing around utility and finding something that will complement the style f the rest of your home, not clash with it.

To help you out, here are 5 fun (yet functional) ideas for decorating your kid’s room.

  • New Colour Scheme

Kids love attractive bright colours and are very fond of something new. Create a whole new look by selecting new colour schemes. Select a combination of colours that compliment your little one’s personality. Try something different by painting the room into two halves. For instance, you can paint the upper half as the sky and the lower half (divided with wave design) as the sea.

  • Create an Art Gallery

Use the masterpieces created by your child to decorate the walls. It won’t cost you much and it will give a gallery-style look to the room. Combine some images from a greeting card or calendar with your child’s artwork and make some impressive wall art.

  • Durable Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your child’s room is a little tricky. Furniture, such as side tables, cabinets, etc. must grow with your child. Don’t hesitate when investing on the furniture as it should be durable. Go for iron framed bed instead of wood for example. Avoid furniture like a toddler bed as it will quickly be outgrown.

  • Create a Work Station

Create a work space that is equally stylish and functional. The work area is necessary for your kid to work on developing his/her skills reading and writing skills. Stack the shelves with books, add a creative chair, desk, place a basket for storing utensils required for craft projects and add a chalkboard wall for writing his/her thoughts.

  • Different Carpet Designs

Cut your old carpet into different shapes to give a unique pattern to the floor. Circles, stars, clouds, all these shapes are good to make the floor more creative. Rugs can also be utilized in the same way to make the most of it.

These affordable ideas will add style and practicality to your child’s room. Remember that you are decorating a room for your children, so involve your kids when brainstorming for ideas. Ask your children what they want and get their take on the furniture, colour, etc. Consider all the factors while remaining within your budget and decorate your little one’s room with love.

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