5 Tips to Design a Perfect Guest Room

Have you ever invited some guests over for a sleepover? If so, then a well-designed guest room with all the essentials is necessary to make them feel welcome and comfortable.
It’s important to pay attention to detail while designing a guest room, so that it brims with a warm feeling and friendly ambience. It’s not necessary to fill it with luxury furniture pieces and expensive decorative items. An emphasis on creating a cosy space that feels like home is important.

Let your guests experience staying at home away from their homes by following 5 tips to design a perfect guest room.

Include Functional Furniture Pieces

When designing a room for some visitors, include those furniture pieces that you would like to have in your own bedroom. A comfortable bed, a closet with ample hangers, a clutter-free side table and a lamp with good lighting are the must-haves of a guest room. If you can’t afford to buy a new bed, then you can purchase a good quality sofa bed that can serve as a sofa in the living room during daytime and as a bed in the guest room at night. Include only functional furniture items in the guest room to create a comfortable space and avoid clutter.

Choose Soft and Clean Bedding

Guest rooms are often the dumping grounds for old, discarded bedding. But, to design a welcoming room for visitors, you should give them the best you can arrange. Choose soft mattresses, plush linens, an extra set of towels, clean blankets and high-quality throws so that your visitors can relax and feel instantly at ease.

Put Some Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are the perfect addition to transform a simple room into a five-star getaway. Put some fresh, fragrant flowers in a vase near the bed to bring life to the décor and fill the room with a beautiful aroma. Your visitors will experience a welcoming environment the moment they’ll enter the room, thus making them feel at home.

Select Room Darkening Window Coverings

If your guests have arrived after a long journey, then they’ll certainly need some privacy and a quiet environment for a good sleep. Consider buying window coverings that are both elegant and functional so that they provide privacy and light control without spoiling the beauty of the décor. Blackout shades and other room darkening window treatments will be good choices to offer an ideal place for your guests to relax.

Place a Soft Area Rug

Give the finishing touch to your guest room by offering comfortable floors to your guests. Add a large area rug, especially if the room has hardwood floorings. Make sure that the rug is extended at least 15 inches past each side of the bed. If you don’t have a large area rug, then place smaller rugs on both sides so that your visitors can feel plush softness under their feet when they get out of the bed.

Use these helpful tips to design a cosy and inviting guest room. Put some fresh, seasonal blooms in the room, replace the old bedding with the new one, provide privacy with room darkening drapes and buy functional furniture for the guest room to ensure a relaxing environment for your guests. If you don’t have extra furniture for the guest room, then you can buy some high-quality pieces from Bijan Interiors, the leading furniture store in Toronto.

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