5 Ways to Spruce up Your TV Area in the Living Room

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Most houses now have a flat screen TV which is a step-up over yesteryear’s bulky boxes. However, when it comes to incorporating it into your living room décor, it’s often a hassle. So, here are a few ideas to decorate around your TV in the living room.

  1. Include the TV in Your Art Gallery Wall

A gallery wall will help the TV to blend in seamlessly into your room. No matter what you use to create your gallery wall, you only need to make sure that the objects are symmetrically placed around your TV. You can either have the TV mounted on the wall or can place it on a table-top against the gallery wall.

  1. Hide the TV over the Fireplace

If you don’t want your TV to be the focal point of your living room, then you can simply hide it. This piece of advice will serve your purpose if you spend minimal time watching TV. Mount the TV over the fireplace and hide it behind artwork. Some folding panels come with beautiful prints. You can also hide your TV behind sliding panels. If you have one of those pocket doors over the fireplace, you can also hide it there.

  1. Use a Wall Unit with Book Shelves

You can achieve a cohesive look by placing your TV in a wall unit that offers ample storage for your favourite books and other accessories. Books and other objects surrounding the TV visually balance the dominance of the screen. You can also get the same look by utilizing wall mounted shelves instead of a wall unit. You can instantly make a statement by painting the wall black where you’ll mount the shelves. The TV will effortlessly blend into the wall when you place it in between the shelves. This way, it will not distract your attention from the other objects on the shelves.

  1. Use TV Cabinets or Media Consoles

Perfect to house a big screen TV and media consoles, TV cabinets are convenient and simple options to give your TV area an attractive look. Place flower vases and other decorating objects beside the TV to spice it up. If there are open shelves in the cabinets or consoles, you can decorate them with books and other objects as well.

If you have a small living room, you can use a TV corner cabinet to save space. You can find many traditional wooden corner cabinets as well as inexpensive contemporary designs. However, when you choose a corner cabinet for your TV, make sure to choose one which has appropriate ventilation in the back or on the sides.

  1. Frame the TV

This idea is perfect if you have your TV mounted on the wall and want to make it the focal point in an artistic way. Placing a frame around your TV will give it a personalized look as well. The frame can be larger than the TV or you can also frame it along to give it a built-in look.

Give it a rustic look with thick wooden framing or a contemporary look with framing done in bold colours. A framed TV will look best against dark coloured wallpaper or light coloured walls.

So, here’s how you can make your TV area in your living room stand out. You can also find great ideas to do your TV area on Pinterest.

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