6 Best Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table in Your Living Room

One of the most ignored and yet useful pieces of furniture in a living room is probably the coffee table. You may not often realize it, but this little item can be used for a multitude of purposes, from a book showcase, a place to finish last-minute work, or a place where families can bond over coffee or wine.

This multifunctional furniture is a great addition for enhancing the aesthetics of your room as well. It is a handy tool in interior designing and can be used to create various styles, whether you want some organized chaos or a minimalist look.

Amazing Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Decorating your coffee table is the easiest way to update the look of your living room. You can even use the furniture itself as a decorative piece.

However, most of the time, people just stick to the conventional ways of styling. Want to take a break from the usual flowers, books and tray combinations? It is a timeless styling strategy no doubt, but why not experiment a little?

Here are some fun and creative designing ideas to provide some originality to your home décor.

1.    Maintain a Balance

One of the most essential factors in designing a coffee table display is maintaining the balance, and symmetry is your best friend in achieving that. Keeping a particular object as the focal point and surrounding both sides of it with some smaller items is a good idea. Just make sure that all the surrounding items are of similar weight, size, and tone so they can balance each other out.

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Avoid having a large jumbled up collection of small objects, or displaying items that are too large and gaudy. Overcrowding with accessories will disrupt the functionality of the furniture and is not a good idea unless you just want to use it a showpiece.

2.    Form a Grid

One of the smartest tricks when decorating a large piece of furniture, like an oversized coffee table, is to figure out which place to start first. If you seem to have a problem in deciding it, the best advice is to tape off the sections of the table to form a grid. Taping off helps compartmentalize a big surface area, and you can simply put the items inside the squares.

Pro Tip 1: If you have a tiny table, you do not need a lot of items. Just use a mini vase or a beautiful lamp shade should suffice.

3.    Pick Single Statement Pieces

Decorating with a bunch of flowers and books is a classic decoration idea, but if you want to break away from that, and opt a more minimalist approach, then this is the strategy you should go for.

Putting an unusual standout décor piece, like a vase or a sculpture, can give character to your room and portray a side of your personality and be a conversation starter.

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Create a contrast in colour and shape to the other items with these standout decorative items for a simple and yet eye-catching décor. If you want an effortless contrast, crystal and sleek pendant lighting are your go-to.


Pro Tip 2: Any family heirloom or treasured items you possess, can grant a sentimental aspect to your coffee table décor and work as the necessary conversation starter for any interior.

4.    Consider a Two-Tier Table

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If you have two-tiered coffee tables, you need a different approach to decorate the top and bottom shelves. These tables offer you more space to showcase your accessories, and you can play a bit with the decoration using lacquered boxes and freshly picked flowers.

Remember that in any type of interior decoration, balance, composition, and scale is of utmost importance.

The lower half of the table should have much simpler displays compared to the ones on the top surface, but the styles should not be too contrasting. Usually, smaller items like books and decorative boxes are perfect for the lower section of the table.

Pro Tip 3: Most coffee table books tend to get covered in dust over the years. One of the easiest solutions is to leave the book with an interesting page open, so anyone who gets curious can take a peek.

5.    Use Tables Runners

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If its an upholstered coffee table, like an ottoman, you get the freedom of using table runners (the narrow piece of cloth used for covering the table) and play with the patterns. You can even use a tray on top of it if you want, but the patterned tablecloth itself should provide enough visual appeal.

6.    Use a Tray

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Using a tray on top of the coffee table is one of the oldest and simplest tricks even professional decorators use. You can be sure that all the items put together on the table will work if you use a tray to enclose them. Anything which does not fit in the tray, should be kept away. This is a very fine and subtle way to make the decorative pieces work together if you are unsure about the composition.

Even a simple furniture piece, like a coffee table, can become the centre of attraction if you follow these tips. Nowadays, everyone has become more open to experimenting with design ideas when it comes to their home décor. Whether you prefer an ultra-modern cutting-edge design or a more traditional and royal appearance, knowing how to choose a living room furniture can go a long way in uplifting the mood and aesthetics of your room.

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