8 Spring Interior Décor Trends to Refresh Your Home

Spring is finally here. Snow is melting, flowers are blooming and new interior décor trends are popping up. This season, when nature is filling up with colours all around, you should do the same in your living space. How about a spring-inspired interior décor?

From bright-coloured furniture and accessories to upholstery with refreshing prints, let’s celebrate the wonderful season by embracing this season’s top home decor trends. Here’s are eight trends that we have gathered to make your interiors blossom.

Spring Décor Trends to Use in Your Home

1) Pantone Colour of the Year

Spring is about celebrating colours and what else can be better than the Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Living Coral. This bright shade is a combination of orange, gold and pink and since the time it has been announced in January, it has become a favourite of interior decorators. Incorporate this trending colour in your living space by choosing a chair or armchair upholstery of living coral colour. Also, throw pillows and cushions featuring this vibrant shade paired with a grey, black or white sofa will be an excellent opportunity to bring life to your living room.

Upholstered Sofa- Living Room Furniture

2) Curvy Furniture

Geometric lines and sleek silhouettes have had their fair share of popularity in the interior décor world. Its time to top the spring trend with rounded furniture pieces such as oversized ottomans, plush rounded couches and curvy armchairs. These comfortable and inviting pieces of furniture are sure to bring in a new vibe to your living room. If you want to learn about some captivating living room décor trends, here’s the link.

3) Florals

Bold and bright floral patterns are surely here to stay. They are a favourite of everyone when it comes to spring décor. Choose area rugs, pillow covers and bedsheets featuring colourful floral prints and embroidery. The best part is they are easy to pair with modern sofas, chairs and bedroom sets. But make sure they act as accents instead of overpowering your existing home décor.

4) Nature-Inspired Elements

Nothing complements spring season better than nature-inspired décor elements. Potted plants on the coffee table and window sill, a bricked wall as a backdrop or focal point, jute boxes, wooden accents and woven area rugs are great examples for creating show-stopping appeal in your home while topping spring trends. You can also go for art pieces displaying nature or other natural elements. All this will be ideal to make your home trendy, yet welcoming and relaxing.

5) Teal

Teal is being seen everywhere this season. Count on it by using this attractive colour in the form of statement walls, small decorative pieces, candles or curtains and drapes. If you’re not a huge fan of teal colour, emerald green is a great alternative of this blue tone. You can use your creativity to add this trending colour to your living space.

6) Copper

This season, go beyond silver and gold. Fashionable copper accents are hottest in the interior décor world. From an interesting copper vase on your dining table to an elegant copper light fixture over your kitchen island, this versatile metal can work wonders for your existing interiors by making your home a little more glam.

Copper Flower Vase - Living Room Decor

7) Marble Wallpaper

Available in a wide variety of colours and designs, marble wallpapers are the new favourites on Pinterest. This affordable alternative to original marble has seen a significant increase in its popularity, thus gaining a position on this list of spring interior décor trends. Use this wallpaper as an accent wall in your home for giving an unexpected, yet stylish touch. If you want to learn how to decorate with marble wallpaper, click here.

8) Minimalist Bathrooms

The last trend on our list explains less is more impactful. This spring, bathroom design experts are moving towards simplicity with wall and floor finishes. Make it yours having a minimalist approach towards your bathroom décor. Choose one colour throughout the bathroom vanity, stone slab and tiles. This understated appearance will make an elegant impact while visually enlarging the space.

Make the most of this spring season by incorporating the above-listed trends in your home. From rounded furniture to nature-inspired elements, these updates are sure to help you decorate your living space like a design pro. To stay updated on the latest furniture trends, interior décor news and more, keep reading our blog posts.

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