8 Must-Have Accessories for Your Living Room

The living room is the heart and soul of a home. It is used in many abodes to entertain guests and catch up with friends on the weekends. This room is a place to unwind. Hence, decorating it with all the essentials is important to beautify its appearance and add a cosy factor. From selecting sofas or chairs to fixing a TV stand, you need to make sure that your living room has all the accessories to look complete. Also, don’t forget to add a personal touch with photos and paintings to this place as it will speak about your taste and preferences.

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To help you in your search for all the accessories needed for a living room, we are listing them here. Read on!

Sofas or Chairs

Sofas, loveseats (s-shaped sofas for 2 persons), settees (long upholstered seats with backs and arms for more than 1 person), couches and accent chairs (statement chairs) are vital furniture pieces for your living room. They add a style statement to your room and also provide a comfortable seating arrangement. You can choose from a variety of leather sofas in Toronto available at Bijan Interiors.
Note- Divan is also a popular seating furnishing for a casual and laid-back living room.

Centre Table

Your lounge or living room is incomplete without a centre table. Your guests or friends need a table to lay down their wine glasses or coffee mugs. This furniture item is available in different shapes, styles and sizes. Select one according to the décor and setting of your living space.

TV Stand or Cabinet

A large TV forms the entertainment hub for your living room. Thus, placing it on a TV stand or a cabinet is necessary for grabbing the attention of your guests. If your living space is small, then only a TV stand will serve this purpose. On the other hand, for large rooms, a cabinet displaying showpieces, liquor bottles and a TV will fill up the required space.

Chandeliers and Lamps

Add vibrancy to your living space by fixing chandeliers, table lamps and wall-mounted lamps. They will brighten your room. For a grand look, opting for chandeliers is a good idea. Lamps are great for soft and sober looking living rooms.

Corner Table

A taller and narrow version of a centre table is a corner table. This item is essential to place photo frames or flower vases in the corner of your living room. You can also keep candles or table sculptures on it.


Mirrors add dimension to your living space and increase its aesthetic value. They also act as a style statement. You can place a large mirror behind the seating arrangement to create an illusion of more space. Furthermore, a mirror can brighten up the darkest corners as well.

Area Rugs

Adding area rugs on the floor is a quick way to remodel your living room. They are available in different colours, styles, patterns and textures. These also act as extra paddings to the base to keep the main flooring intact.

Wall Art or Portraits

If you’re looking forward to adding your own flavour to this room, then nothing is better than wall art and portraits. From abstract to concrete designs, a variety of styles are available at Bijan Interiors. Take a look at the variety available and pick your favourites.

With the above-listed additions, your living room will look outstanding and complete. Choose the right accessories according to the tone and style of this space and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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