8 Popular Lighting Trends for 2019 to Blend with Any Interior

Lighting is one of the most vital aspects in any room as it can make or break the appeal of the space. Generally, trends fade out rather quickly. However, there’s always a chance that something old could re-surface in addition to new options. The same is applicable to light fixtures too and they’re easier to switch than one may think. You can effortlessly replace an outdated fixture and install an impressively stylish one which makes a huge impact on the room’s aesthetics. If you’re looking for new and modern lighting options in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place. We’re prepared a blog post offering numerous ideas to help you get started. Keep reading and find out about the different kinds of lights that will be illuminating homes in 2019.

1. Big and Bold

The current lighting trend doing the rounds feature bigger and bolder fixtures. Since the interior wallpapers and colours are getting bolder, the lights find themselves competing in order to become more noticeable. They’re remarkably doing so by growing fast in scale. You can choose branching chandeliers or oversized and large domes for the best result.

2. Linear Designs

2019’s ceiling lights are expected to take up more space horizontally than vertically. Linear lights which span the width of the room can add a fresh feel to industrial and contemporary interiors. Also, since they’re huge fixtures, they feature simple and clean lines. Some of them even have exposed bulbs that help highlight the design.

3. Large Pendants

This year is all about giving importance to the ceilings in our homes and offices and they’re becoming an integral part of interior design. For this, pendant lights are a great choice to add trending style to a space. If you’re looking for a beautiful and chic appearance, choose dome-shaped pendant lights. It can catch your guests’ attention while blending in well with the rest of the décor.

4. Industrial

Contemporary is still a trend that’s right in front of the line this year. A modern world demands modern lighting and industrial lamps can be perfect for this. They have a notoriously casual appeal which is making them popular as a central lighting piece in many homes. You may add other industrial elements and achieve an overall sophisticated sense.

5. Natural and Eco-Friendly Materials

With environmental awareness being at an all-time high, home and business owners alike are looking for products that are made from sustainable and ecological materials. This means there’s an increase in demands for materials such as birch, bamboo, oak and rattan that designers are handcrafting. They’re restructuring and weaving them to create interesting products which can be used for many years. You can mix and match artistic light fixtures and lamps to create a contemporary vibe in the space.

6. Minimalistic Concept

As much as we may like filling empty spaces with things, new trends are concentrating mainly on minimalism. The rooms are becoming less cluttered and only have the basic necessities to radiate simplicity and serenity. You may choose monochromatic and high contrasting hues such as dark coloured pendants or lamps placed in front of a light-colored wall. Light and dark shades, when used together can exhibit an amazing display of natural shadows and light.

7. Track Lighting

2019 is all about unique and modern ideas and when it comes to modern lighting, track lighting is a great option. These are a series of lights that help brighten up any space and are a great way of making a statement too.

8. Sculptural Elements

Light fixtures that double as art are increasingly growing in popularity this year. Sculptural lamps or fixtures can create a statement and bring functionality along with beauty into any space. They generally showcase bold shapes that come with a modern twist. It wouldn’t be very surprising to see these lights end up in design museums years from now.

Whether you’re looking for trendy lighting for an upgraded look or for reassurance, know that there is a wide variety of exciting options for us this year. The above-mentioned trends can help you look for the perfect modern lighting for your Toronto home that suits your lifestyle.  Don’t hesitate to experiment with lighting fixtures you might not have considered before. Try exceptional combinations and see what they can do for your space.

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