8 Ways to Open up a Small Space

Are you falling short of space in your home? This is one of the thought-provoking questions when it comes to designing small rooms. Whether you own a house or a studio apartment, living in a small space can be difficult. However, there are some hacks that can instantly create an open concept appearance.

If you’re looking to utilize for more space in your home, then this blog-post is meant for you.

  • Paint Light

It’s a well-known fact that white or neutral coloured walls create an illusion of more space. When painting small houses or apartments, use light colours and accent using darker colours. You can also select soft colours like peach or pink that can serve the same purpose.

  • Create Built-ins

Built-in shelves or closets effectively create space in small rooms and eliminate larger pieces of furniture from protruding into your space. These options also add dimension to your space, delivering a win-win situation for decorative and functional purposes.

  • Include Mirrors

Mirrors are the best way that fashions an impression of more space. The reflection on the mirrors makes a room look bigger and better.

  • Add Big Pieces

Small spaces can serve double function by using big pieces to fill the space and also cast a grand look to the room.

  • Embrace Function

Selecting smart items is the key to achieve functionality in small spaces. For instance, when working with a small bedroom, purchase a bed with drawers to store your essentials without scattering them all over the place. This will present a neat and organized look and you will be impressed.

  • Hang Long Drapery

For a small space, the higher the drapery, the better. The vertical illusion created by drapery, will make your room look bigger.

  • Settle for Settee

Having a sofa in your small living room is not a good idea. Instead, a settee can offer the same function as a sofa while complementing your space. It will also be look cosy as well.

  • Hang Expandable Racks

Expandable racks work wonders in a tiny laundry room. If you’re struggling to hang clothing outside due to the scarcity of space, you can make use of expandable racks. These are extremely functional and are easy to hang on a wall.

The above-mentioned tips are instant hacks to make your life easier by creating more space in your home. You can also seek expert advice from specialists at Bijan Interiors and select from a wide selection of functional pieces for your small space.

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