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5 Attractive Ways to Style Your Dining Table (Featured)

5 Attractive Ways to Style Your Dining Table

A dining table is often overlooked when it comes to its stylistic capabilities, despite its being a functional furniture piece in your Toronto home. When the table isn’t being used to share meals with loved ones, it usually becomes the dumping ground for papers, and bags among other things. However, most homeowners overlook the fact that it offers a huge expanse of space that could do well with some styling and décor. We have prepared this blog-post with interior design tips that will work for Read more [...]
The Only Checklist You Need for Buying Furniture (Featured)

The Only Checklist You Need for Buying Furniture

There are many things to consider before buying a new piece of furniture for your first home. Since they’re a pertinent part of the interiors, it’s important to know the vitality of buying high-quality ones.  No doubt, they’re a pretty huge investment, so you’ll obviously want to make sure they last a long time. They also have the ability to impact your comfort, efficiency, and health. These realizations can make buying modern furniture in Toronto a nightmare for most. If you’re among Read more [...]
5 Remarkable Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom 01

5 Remarkable Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

Good lighting is one of the most important elements of a home as it helps set the ambience of any room. Similar to other rooms, the bedrooms require general lighting too as they aren't meant to remain dark all the time just because they are used for sleeping. They should contain a combination of both installed and portable ones to provide enough light for tasks like reading and dressing while keeping the overall tone warm. If you’re looking for traditional and contemporary lighting for your Read more [...]
8 Popular Lighting Trends for 2019 to Blend with Any Interior

8 Popular Lighting Trends for 2019 to Blend with Any Interior

Lighting is one of the most vital aspects in any room as it can make or break the appeal of the space. Generally, trends fade out rather quickly. However, there’s always a chance that something old could re-surface in addition to new options. The same is applicable to light fixtures too and they’re easier to switch than one may think. You can effortlessly replace an outdated fixture and install an impressively stylish one which makes a huge impact on the room’s aesthetics. If you’re looking Read more [...]
8 Spring Interior Décor Trends to Refresh Your Home01

8 Spring Interior Décor Trends to Refresh Your Home

Spring is finally here. Snow is melting, flowers are blooming and new interior décor trends are popping up. This season, when nature is filling up with colours all around, you should do the same in your living space. How about a spring-inspired interior décor? From bright-coloured furniture and accessories to upholstery with refreshing prints, let’s celebrate the wonderful season by embracing this season’s top home decor trends. Here’s are eight trends that we have gathered to make your Read more [...]
6 Best Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table in Your Living Room01

6 Best Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table in Your Living Room

One of the most ignored and yet useful pieces of furniture in a living room is probably the coffee table. You may not often realize it, but this little item can be used for a multitude of purposes, from a book showcase, a place to finish last-minute work, or a place where families can bond over coffee or wine. This multifunctional furniture is a great addition for enhancing the aesthetics of your room as well. It is a handy tool in interior designing and can be used to create various styles, whether Read more [...]
Fabric Glossary

The Ultimate Fabric Glossary to Help You Find the Best Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your home can be very tricky when you need to balance utility and aesthetics perfectly. The upholstery of the furniture influences the appeal it has to the buyer. But, besides the aesthetic, you must also consider the functionality of the fabric. Keeping all these in mind, you might be wondering what the best choice for your home is. This post is a comprehensive glossary of various fabrics and related terms which will assist in shopping for upholstered furniture Read more [...]
use sideboard right

How to Use the Sideboard Right

The sideboard is a low-height furniture piece which has ample storage space and the versatility to fit into the decor of any room. You can derive maximum utility out of it in several ways. Its adaptability makes it popular for many homeowners for complementing their home decor as well as to stow away essential home accessories that are used occasionally. This post is a detailed guide that will help you find the perfect sideboard which will match your home decor and fulfils all your storage Read more [...]
Right Art and Decor for Home

How to Choose the Right Art and Decor for Your Home

Apart from essential furniture and accessories, every home needs a certain amount of art to balance the aesthetics. However, choosing the right artistic accessories can be tricky when you have so many unique options to choose from. Interior design experts have many tried and tested ideas up their sleeves which help them achieve the perfect balance between art and functionality. Art can be in any form ranging from table sculptures, paintings to wall art and ornate mirrors and even succulents. This Read more [...]
Dining Room Decor Trends 2019

12 Awesome Dining Room Decor Trends to Watch out for in 2019

Crafting the perfect home is an art built upon various influences. With the trends changing by the year, it is often difficult to keep up. In this post, we are focusing on the dining room as it sees a lot of activity throughout the day. This post shares twelve fabulous trends to follow for 2019 for dining room decor and furnishing in general. Material, Upholstery and Colour trends The colour scheme, materials and the upholstery used for the furniture together have a vital role to play in Read more [...]