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Upgrade Your Home Décor with Classic Blue

5 Ingenious Ways to Use Classic Blue to Create a Serene Interior

For every interior designer or home-styling professional for whom colour plays a vital role in their job, the end of every year is much anticipated. That’s when the colour experts at Pantone announce their colour of the forthcoming year. In 2020 it’s Classic Blue. A serene yet rich and timeless shade, it’s common but has never been celebrated in this way before. For homeowners who love to keep up with trends, upgrading your home with the latest Pantone colour of the year is the simplest trend Read more [...]
8 Ways to Get Your Bedroom Winter-Ready

8 Awesome Tips to Creating a Warmer Winter Bedroom

There’s nothing better than falling into a cozy, comfortable bed at the end of the day. And it’s positively blissful when that bed is toasty warm in winter. But how can you make your bed and bedroom feel snug and special? From the colour scheme and décor to your furniture and bedding, every aspect can impart warmth to the room both aesthetically and functionally. Maximize the privacy and coziness of your bedroom in winter by upgrading it using the following tips and suggestions. 4 Tips Read more [...]
The Best 8 Home Bar Stools

8 Types of Bar Stools to Spruce up Your Home Bar

A home bar isn’t complete without proper seating. The ambience and décor of your bar area matters to create the perfect party mood or simply sit and sip your favourite drink. With so many different styles of bar stools and chairs available, choosing the most suitable option for your home bar can be confusing. But when you have a clear idea about the bar’s design, it becomes easier to choose appropriate seating options. Besides aesthetics, functionality and durability, bar stools are designed Read more [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Bar at Home

Do you like hosting parties? Then shouldn’t setting up a bar be the first item on your to-do list? Having your own bar adds an extraordinary design element to any space. By establishing a classy entertainment area at home, you can host parties in peace without worrying about the availability of a venue or compromising on your favourite drinks. But before you get too excited about this new addition, you need to consider two major things that will be discussed in this blog post. Let’s discuss them Read more [...]
5 Attractive Ways to Style Your Dining Table (Featured)

5 Attractive Ways to Style Your Dining Table

A dining table is often overlooked when it comes to its stylistic capabilities, despite its being a functional furniture piece in your Toronto home. When the table isn’t being used to share meals with loved ones, it usually becomes the dumping ground for papers, and bags among other things. However, most homeowners overlook the fact that it offers a huge expanse of space that could do well with some styling and décor. We have prepared this blog-post with interior design tips that will work for Read more [...]
The Only Checklist You Need for Buying Furniture (Featured)

The Only Checklist You Need for Buying Furniture

There are many things to consider before buying a new piece of furniture for your first home. Since they’re a pertinent part of the interiors, it’s important to know the vitality of buying high-quality ones.  No doubt, they’re a pretty huge investment, so you’ll obviously want to make sure they last a long time. They also have the ability to impact your comfort, efficiency, and health. These realizations can make buying modern furniture in Toronto a nightmare for most. If you’re among Read more [...]
5 Remarkable Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom 01

5 Remarkable Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

Good lighting is one of the most important elements of a home as it helps set the ambience of any room. Similar to other rooms, the bedrooms require general lighting too as they aren't meant to remain dark all the time just because they are used for sleeping. They should contain a combination of both installed and portable ones to provide enough light for tasks like reading and dressing while keeping the overall tone warm. If you’re looking for traditional and contemporary lighting for your Read more [...]
8 Popular Lighting Trends for 2019 to Blend with Any Interior

8 Popular Lighting Trends for 2019 to Blend with Any Interior

Lighting is one of the most vital aspects in any room as it can make or break the appeal of the space. Generally, trends fade out rather quickly. However, there’s always a chance that something old could re-surface in addition to new options. The same is applicable to light fixtures too and they’re easier to switch than one may think. You can effortlessly replace an outdated fixture and install an impressively stylish one which makes a huge impact on the room’s aesthetics. If you’re looking Read more [...]
8 Spring Interior Décor Trends to Refresh Your Home01

8 Spring Interior Décor Trends to Refresh Your Home

Spring is finally here. Snow is melting, flowers are blooming and new interior décor trends are popping up. This season, when nature is filling up with colours all around, you should do the same in your living space. How about a spring-inspired interior décor? From bright-coloured furniture and accessories to upholstery with refreshing prints, let’s celebrate the wonderful season by embracing this season’s top home decor trends. Here’s are eight trends that we have gathered to make your Read more [...]
6 Best Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table in Your Living Room01

6 Best Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table in Your Living Room

One of the most ignored and yet useful pieces of furniture in a living room is probably the coffee table. You may not often realize it, but this little item can be used for a multitude of purposes, from a book showcase, a place to finish last-minute work, or a place where families can bond over coffee or wine. This multifunctional furniture is a great addition for enhancing the aesthetics of your room as well. It is a handy tool in interior designing and can be used to create various styles, whether Read more [...]