8 Types of Bar Stools to Spruce up Your Home Bar

The Best 8 Home Bar Stools

A home bar isn’t complete without proper seating. The ambience and décor of your bar area matters to create the perfect party mood or simply sit and sip your favourite drink. With so many different styles of bar stools and chairs available, choosing the most suitable option for your home bar can be confusing. But when you have a clear idea about the bar’s design, it becomes easier to choose appropriate seating options. Besides aesthetics, functionality and durability, bar stools are designed to better access your bar countertop which is often higher than a regular kitchen island.

Popular Bar Stool Designs to Revamp Your Home Bar

The following are some popular bar stool designs you will find at any reputable furniture store. Investing in a few stools is always useful as they are versatile enough to be used in your breakfast corner or for other household purposes.

  1. Low back


Low back stools are stylish, sleek and provide the right amount of back support but do not have a conventional chair-like design. However, since only the lower back is supported by this type of stool, you can sit upright on them for a long time. They come in different variants like cushioned as well as a plain metal frame, and its traditional look complements almost every type of kitchen and bar.

  1. Modern bar stools


These bar stools have a low back and molded design with cushioning. The pedestal bases ensure that they don’t wobble or overturn. Some of the more functional designs have a handle for adjusting height which is particularly useful for people who are taller or shorter than average. Their minimalist design is appealing and perfectly complements an ultra-modern home.

  1. Bistro-style stools


Bistro-style bar stools have a rustic design that appeals to homeowners into eccentric or rural décor. They are also a popular choice for cafés and break rooms for their back support. The seats are usually wooden and installed over a durable four-legged iron frame. The perks of this style are its versatility and ease of cleaning and maintenance. This type of chair is a good investment as they can last for years and still look as good as new.

  1. Stationary bar stools


As the name suggests, this type of bar stool can’t revolve and has a fixed seat. It doesn’t have a back support, but the seat itself is well-cushioned. The stand is pedestal style and there is a foot ring that makes it easy to sit down. The height is adjustable, and these too fit well into modern minimalist home décor.

  1. Bucket stools


These designs are often seen in bars and restaurants because of their sturdy build, as the vinyl seat can easily withstand more wear and tear than other stools. Also, the unique cage formation around its three legs ensures that it is doesn’t wobble. The height of the backside is in between that of a traditional chair and a low back stool.

  1. Distressed metal stools


This highly durable and basic bar stool is one of the most popular and commonly available styles. It is heavy enough not to topple easily, and the seating is big enough for comfort. Their distressed painted style gives them a rugged and industrial look that’s bold, striking and creates a statement in any home. If your house has a rustic-themed interior, a distressed metal stool is a great choice for your bar.

  1. Pub style


Pub-style stools are relatively high off the ground and have medium-height back support. The seat is cushioned and made of comfortable vinyl. Usually this type of stool is made of wood and is both heavy and durable. Their height is an advantage for use in bars and cafés. However, its fixed structure means its height cannot be adjusted.

  1. Coastal stools


The coastal-style stool has a unique design. The seat has the structure of a rattan chair, complete with its style of arms, weaved back support and heavily cushioned seat. The legs are usually elongated like a conventional bar stool. It’s made of weather-friendly materials so it can be used at outdoor bars to withstand the humid climate associated with coastal regions.

Bar stools are elemental to any house with a bar as they create the right ambience. Moreover, they provide seating options when you have guests to accommodate. The above-mentioned bar stool styles are the most popular, and you will come across numerous varieties of each.

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