Our Furniture Stores in Toronto

Whether its stylish designs or furniture that is delightfully comfy; Bijan’s line of home furnishings are crafted to satisfy the entire family. One of Toronto’s most respected home furniture stores, Bijan Interiors offers a vast collection from an extensive diversity of top brands in the industry.

Need assistance with furnishing your home, condo or office? We’re here to help. Call Bijan to arrange a furniture consultation at (416) 301 2020.

Feelings inspired then visit our Toronto furniture show room for the very best Modern, Contemporary and Classic furniture products. Our condominium furniture offers a vibrant response to the imaginative small place environment shopper.

We’re here to work with your space, our ergonomic features, great selection and modern style will complete your home, condo or office design.

yongestreetfurniture-300x225Modern, Italian, Classic and Contemporary Styles
Creating a modern look is simple and inviting. Celebrate your space with comfortable unique furniture designs by Bijan Interiors.

5205 Yonge Street,
Toronto, ON Canada M2N 5P7
Main: (416) 301-2020
Tel: (647) 352-4526
Fax: (647) 347-4526
Mail: info@bijaninteriors.ca

kingstreetfurniture-300x225Comfortable and unique furniture designs by Bijan Interiors.
326 King St East
Toronto, ON M5A 1K6
Main: (416) 301-2020
Tel: (647) 748-4526
Fax: (647) 748-4527
Mail: info@bijaninteriors.ca

Call 416-301-2020 to get in touch with one of our furniture experts.