Caring for your curio cabinet

Furniture is an integral and important part of every home. They make a house livable and comfortable in addition to enhancing the interiors. There are specific kinds of furniture for different rooms and diverse utilities. Choosing the right furniture for you home can be quite challenging. To make furniture buying easier it is important for you know what your purpose is, what your budget is, what your preferred material or wood is, etc. Though most furniture are high in utility value, some like curio cabinets also have immense aesthetic worth.

Curio cabinets are important furniture for every home. These cabinets are the best option when it comes to displaying curios, collectibles, estate pieces, art objects, mementoes, etc. There are several variants of curio cabinets available in stores as well as online for you to procure one with ease. Whichever, way you procure it, the main idea of a curio cabinet is that it should allow a good display of articles. You can also opt for customized cabinets created by furniture stores in your area after you share the specifications required by you. You can spell out details about the size, kind of wood, finish, design, etc.

If you own a curio cabinet or are planning to buy one, it is imperative that you take good care of it to maintain its looks and functionality. There are certain essentials that you need to keep in mind while cleaning a curio cabinet. Keep the following things in mind before you start out cleaning such a cabinet:

  • To start with, the first step would be to empty your cabinet of all items on display. Be careful in handling the pieces as they could be expensive and hold precious memories for you.
  • Always make use of a damp cloth to wipe off dust that has collected on your curio cabinet.
  • A curio cabinet is always a combination of glass and wood. You can use damp newspaper to wipe the glass instead of cloth as it always leaves some residue.
  • Use hardwood polish to polish and shine the wooden parts of the cabinet. Do this at least once in six months.
  • You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the contents of the cabinet. Wipe artifacts and curios with damp cloth once a week to prevent accumulation of excessive dust.
  • Wash glass and crystal items in running water every few weeks and then wipe them with a dry cloth.
  • Installing casters beneath the cabinet will make vacuuming dusting a lot easier.
  • Do not overload the shelves with too many items. Apart from looking cluttered it could also damage the shelf itself.

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