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8 Ways to Get Your Bedroom Winter-Ready

8 Awesome Tips to Creating a Warmer Winter Bedroom

There’s nothing better than falling into a cozy, comfortable bed at the end of the day. And it’s positively blissful when that bed is toasty warm in winter. But how can you make your bed and bedroom feel snug and special? From the colour scheme and décor to your furniture and bedding, every aspect can impart warmth to the room both aesthetically and functionally. Maximize the privacy and coziness of your bedroom in winter by upgrading it using the following tips and suggestions. 4 Tips Read more [...]

7 Types of Beds Suitable for Every Home (2020 Update)

Naturally, our bed is the focal point of our bedrooms and one of the largest pieces of home furniture, so, it’s only natural that we want to choose the right type. It will, after all, define the space's overall look and feel. Of course, there's a wide array of beds available, making the right choice difficult. Since our bedroom is where we relax and unwind after a long day, a lot of thought should go into creating an oasis of peace and comfort. Below, we break down seven different types of Read more [...]
Bedding Terminology & Choosing the Best Bedding

A Complete Guide to Bedding Terminology & Choosing the Best Bedding

The bedroom is the ultimate place for relaxation after a long day at work which is why people try to make it as comfortable as it can get. A well-accessorized bed is not only relaxing but good for your health. A well-maintained bed with the right bedding can rectify your sleep posture and reduce chances of injuries due to bad sleeping posture. Bedding is not just about the mattress, pillows and bedsheets; there are accessories to consider as well. Every component of bedding has certain terms associated Read more [...]
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5 Tips to Design a Perfect Guest Room

Have you ever invited some guests over for a sleepover? If so, then a well-designed guest room with all the essentials is necessary to make them feel welcome and comfortable. It's important to pay attention to detail while designing a guest room, so that it brims with a warm feeling and friendly ambience. It's not necessary to fill it with luxury furniture pieces and expensive decorative items. An emphasis on creating a cosy space that feels like home is important. Let your guests experience Read more [...]

A Guide to Different Types of Bed Sizes

A bed is an essential piece of furniture as it’s responsible for your sleep and comfort. But, if the bed is not of an appropriate size to support your body or doesn’t serve the purpose for which it has been bought, then you should rethink your purchase decision. Beds are designed in different sizes for different uses. From king and queen beds to twin and single beds, it depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Simply buying a bed that looks great with the rest of the décor is not the right Read more [...]