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How to Elevate Your Space with Modern Console Table Styling

Modern Console Tables in Toronto: A Stylish, Elegant & Functional Statement

Your furniture showcases your unique personality. Among the many pieces that can truly elevate your space is a modern console table. Often overshadowed by dining and coffee tables, a modern console table is a versatile masterpiece that deserves its rightful place in your Toronto home. A modern console table is not just a practical piece of furniture that holds your keys or mail; it is an impeccable style statement that captures the essence of contemporary design. Whether you live in a bustling Read more [...]
7 Useful Tips on Decorating a Formal Dining Room

How to Decorate a Formal Dining Room (7 Useful Tips)

A formal dining room is an integral part of an inspiring home. There’s something special about it because it offers the perfect space to enjoy a sit-down dinner with family and friends. In short, it's the perfect entertainment hub. Plus, a well-decorated formal dining room ups the overall style game of your home decor. Could your dining room use a quick makeover? Here are a few handy tips to create a one-of-a-kind dining space that encourages conversations. 7 Amazing Decor Ideas to Create an Read more [...]

8 Spring Interior Décor Trends to Refresh Your Home

Spring is finally here. Snow is melting, flowers are blooming and new interior décor trends are popping up. This season, when nature is filling up with colours all around, you should do the same in your living space. How about a spring-inspired interior décor? From bright-coloured furniture and accessories to upholstery with refreshing prints, let’s celebrate the wonderful season by embracing this season’s top home decor trends. Here’s are eight trends that we have gathered to make your Read more [...]
Right Art and Decor for Home

How to Choose the Right Art and Decor for Your Home

Apart from essential furniture and accessories, every home needs a certain amount of art to balance the aesthetics. However, choosing the right artistic accessories can be tricky when you have so many unique options to choose from. Interior design experts have many tried and tested ideas up their sleeves which help them achieve the perfect balance between art and functionality. Art can be in any form ranging from table sculptures, paintings to wall art and ornate mirrors and even succulents. This Read more [...]

Interior Design Rules That You Should Break

There are certain rules of interior designing that define the structure of a space. They help in laying the foundation of a well-decorated home and avoiding the common errors that most people tend to make during a renovation. However, like with most things, rules are made to be broken. Breaking the rules of interior design is sometimes worth it to make your home’s interiors more personal and appealing. Bending the design guidelines not only gives your home an unexpected edge but also displays Read more [...]

5 Creative Decorating Ideas for Your Kid’s Playroom

A playroom is an important place for your child as it’s a dedicated space for him/her to play without interfering with the rest of the house. Being a parent, a playroom helps you in several ways as it's easy for you to store your kid’s countless toys which otherwise keep spreading around the house. In short, no more tripping over those Lego blocks. If your home’s square footage allows, give your child a playroom where they can play freely and keep their toys contained in one place. After creating Read more [...]

5 Simple Ideas to Change the Look of Your Covered Deck

A deck, whether open or covered, is a perfect outdoor recreational area that fits any style of house. If you’re planning to construct a new covered deck or want to upgrade the look of your existing covered deck, we’ve got some ideas to inspire you. These simple ideas will bring style, comfort and utility to your deck. Add More Comfort  Arrange lots of places for family and friends to sit. Start with a comfortable furniture set like sofa and chairs. Mix it up with benches and garden Read more [...]

5 Innovative Ideas for Transforming the Way Your Kitchen Looks

A good kitchen renovation improves the overall functionality of the room and provides a stylish face-lift to the space. However, renovating the whole kitchen is an expensive job. If you’re on a tight budget, there are ways to improve your kitchen’s look with a few simple changes. Here are some innovative ideas that can help you transform the look of your kitchen. Paint A simple colour change can transform your gloomy kitchen into a bright, modern space. Paint the walls of your kitchen Read more [...]

4 Ways to Decorate Your Home Office to be Comfortable and Productive

Having a home office is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. It’s where you’ll be doing all your work, which is why it needs to be functional, appealing and comfortable. There are four things to consider when setting up or revamping your home office. 1) Custom-built Furniture Spacing is important when selecting furniture for your home office. Furniture can be specifically designed with the dimensions of the office in mind, which is why it’s a popular option. Instead of spending Read more [...]

Organize your closet!

It is indeed a challenging task to have an organized closet, considering the number of things we tend to store in them. Whether open or close, organized closets not only look good, but are also very helpful in finding useful things in a jiffy. A well-organized closet spares us the loss of time and energy spent while rummaging through piles of stuff randomly stacked in a closet. It is a good idea to organize and re-organize your closet periodically. This exercise may take up some of your valuable Read more [...]