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dog-proof your furniture

How to Dog-Proof Your Precious Furniture in NoTime

Say you visited the furniture store and absolutely fell in love with a delicate but unique accent chair that you are sure will look perfect in your living room. But you are still apprehensive to buy it as you are worried about the temperament of your four-legged family member who loves to chew on anything new in the house. Sounds familiar? Stopping your pets, particularly the younger ones, from chewing on to anything and everything they find is near impossible. But you can take preventive measures Read more [...]

Top 4 Upholstery Fabric Choices for Dog-Owners

When you have a four-legged friend running all over the house, there are numerous factors you must consider for their protection and that of your own belongings. Your pet can be very hard on your furniture and accessories frequent accidents are normal. From gnawing on your sofa to ripping apart curtains and trying to dig the floor- your dog can cause a lot of damage to the house in ruins in mere hours. Hence, it is essential to choose tough materials over fancy ones. This post compiles the best Read more [...]

5 Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Leather Furniture

Leather is a durable and low-maintenance material for your furniture. Keeping leather furniture clean and in good condition for a long time requires some simple cleaning regimens be followed on a regular basis. The cleaning methods depend on the type of leather upholstery you have. Here’s a complete guide to caring and maintaining leather furniture according to its leather upholstery type. Different Types of Leather Upholstery and Their Cleaning Methods To find what type of leather your furniture Read more [...]

Thoughtful Care for Your Adored Designer Furniture

When you buy designer furniture, it tags along with it a lot of expectations. Commoners work hard all their life to fulfil their dreams in honest terms. Investing in buying a new home or a complete renovation is already an expensive project. It additionally gets laid by buying furnishing objects. Furniture made with top-grade materials is exorbitant and must be kept away from blemishes and bruises. What is the Possible Way out? Online stores are quite active in responding back to customer query Read more [...]

How to Care for your Pine Wood Furniture

Pine wood is a popular choice when it comes to furniture. It has its own texture and is inherently soft. Its surface is irregular and this what makes it special and different from other woods. If you are choosing some furniture made from this wood, there are a few dos and don’ts that you have to follow to keep it in good shape. Dos and Don’ts • Do not place any pine wood furniture in direct sunlight. They are not good for outdoor use. When placed indoors they need to be kept at a Read more [...]

Protect Leather Sofas from Staining

Cloth covered sofas are naturally absorbent and retain marks of everything that falls on them. Leather sofas are however more stain resistant as compared to cloth ones. Leather sofas need proper care and maintenance as they are not 100% stain resistant. Certain stains can occur from a number of reasons like food, dust, spills, mildew, etc. In order to avoid stains from ruining your expensive leather sofa, you ought to take appropriate care. Let us see how to go about it: • Prevent growth Read more [...]

Make the Most of Your Curio Cabinet

Curio cabinets are common yet important pieces of furniture that can be seen in most homes. They are most commonly placed in living rooms, where often they become a focal point owing to the varied contents inside it. These show cases are the best way to display art pieces, show pieces, collectibles, memorabilia, etc. and enhance the aesthetics of a living room greatly. However, for a curio cabinet to have maximum impact, it is important to bear in mind the following things: Size These cabinets Read more [...]

Caring for your leather sofa

Leather furniture is an asset, no matter what it is. Of all kinds of leather furniture especially leather sofas are the most common as symbols of class and sophistication and no wonder home owners invest fortunes in procuring one. They are prized possessions not only because of the price tags, but also because they are extremely durable and last a life time. Though most manufacturers in the leather furniture business claim their products to be maintenance free and long lasting, the truth is only Read more [...]

Caring for your curio cabinet

Furniture is an integral and important part of every home. They make a house livable and comfortable in addition to enhancing the interiors. There are specific kinds of furniture for different rooms and diverse utilities. Choosing the right furniture for you home can be quite challenging. To make furniture buying easier it is important for you know what your purpose is, what your budget is, what your preferred material or wood is, etc. Though most furniture are high in utility value, some like curio Read more [...]