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5 Stylish and Functional Décor Ideas for Your Kid’s Room

Do you need to decorate your kid’s room? It won’t be easy; children tend to crave creativity. Your challenge will be coming up with something striking that will both fit your budget, and won’t end up an eye sore. That means designing around utility and finding something that will complement the style f the rest of your home, not clash with it.To help you out, here are 5 fun (yet functional) ideas for decorating your kid’s room.New Colour SchemeKids love attractive bright colours Read more [...]

Green Furniture VS Sustainable Furniture

There are plenty of furniture companies that declare that their products are ‘green’. What they are referring to is what the furniture is made of. For example, a bed made from recycled metal is technically ‘green’. It doesn’t matter that the same metal will live on long after the owner in a landfill somewhere. As you can see, ‘green’ doesn’t mean sustainable.For furniture to be classified as sustainable, it needs to be of a certain quality, able to resist wear and tear, and Read more [...]

Guide to Buying Furniture

Buying furniture is like an investment because they are expensive. When you buy furniture it is with the idea that it will last long. This makes it important that you purchase wisely so that you have no regrets later. Here are a few tips to help you buy the right thing.• Identify your need. Find out what exactly you need and for which room. Buy only after you are convinced that you really that piece of furniture.• Do not indulge in impulsive buying. This can be a real drain on your Read more [...]

Is Buying Teak Furniture a Good Idea?

Teak has been around for centuries and has been a preferred choice for various types of furniture over centuries. It has been a top choice for royalty all over the globe. Teak originated from Burma, modern day Myanmar, which is a south eastern country known to have variable climate. ‘Burmese teak’ is of premium quality and was the only kind of teak available earlier that would be transported to far and wide lands. However what we discuss here are the reasons why this wood continues to be such Read more [...]

Easy Hacks to Give your Apartment a Million Dollar Look!

Your home is your retreat! It is the place we all go back to after a hectic day at work. It is a place where we relax, rejuvenate and experience happy times. However for you to be able to do so, you need to ensure that this personal space has all the essential elements to make it comfortable. Sometimes homeowners are on a right budget and are unable to undertake expensive makeovers or hire professional designers. Here in this blog we share a few hacks that shall completely transform the way your Read more [...]

Add Years to Your Wooden Furniture by Cleaning it Right

Different kinds of wooden furniture are possessions of pride of every household. They are assets that are passed down to generation after generation but only if they are well maintained. It is quite common to sight such heirloom pieces in many homes. What needs to be appreciated here is that they have been extremely well maintained to have gained that worth. In fact these are possibly the most commonly found articles in antique shops. But as mentioned earlier, the secret lies in maintaining it well Read more [...]