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5 Modern Sofa Styles for Your Living Room or Home Office

Sofas are practical pieces of furniture that also often act as the visual centrepiece in your living space. If you’ve decided to purchase a sofa but aren’t sure which type works best for your home, keep reading. In this post, our experts share suggestions on modern sofa designs for your living room and home office. Top 5 Modern Sofa Styles for Your Living and Work Space Of the many sofa styles and designs available, here are some of the best. Sectionals Sectional sofas are Read more [...]

How to Buy the Right Condo Furniture (4 Simple Tips)

Many urbanites are investing in condos despite the limited living space they offer. This is because they have many attractions, such as on-premises security, convenient amenities and prime downtown locations. But condo living requires certain considerations, like choosing furniture that fits. Since condos are short on space, it’s vital to choose pieces that are both appealing and functional. In this post, we offer a few tips on how to furnish your condo and live lavishly within a small Read more [...]

How to Ease Back Pain By Choosing the Best Office Chair

Do you spend a lot of time at your desk? Do you experience neck and back pain after sitting on the chair for hours at a stretch? You need to think about your sitting posture and your chair. Office chairs are specifically designed for sitting for a long time, so it's important to choose yours accordingly. There are different designs and styles, but its effectiveness in preventing back pain should also be considered. This post shares tips from a reputable furniture store for choosing the Read more [...]

5 Lighting Tips for Modern and Contemporary Living Rooms

Lighting plays an important role in creating a room's overall ambience. If wisely used, it makes your house more welcoming while camouflaging decor flaws. This means it should be impressive enough to have a positive impact on visitors. This can be achieved by placing your lighting strategically. Here, we share a few tips on lighting and the accessories that go along with it, depending on the kind of look you are trying to create. Most contemporary lighting stores will stock an array of high-quality Read more [...]
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How to Decorate Around a Flat-Screen TV (10 Great Ideas)

Flat-screen TVs are more than just a source of information and entertainment. If properly decorated, they function as a focal point for your living room. But to achieve that you need to smartly accessorize around it. For instance, modern flat-screen TV stands are there to support your TV, but they need to be wider than the box itself. So there's the question of space.   Even then there are plenty of ways you can decorate around your TV and stand. The sleek design of the flat screen Read more [...]
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8 Must-Have Accessories for Your Living Room

The living room is the heart and soul of a home. It is used in many abodes to entertain guests and catch up with friends on the weekends. This room is a place to unwind. Hence, decorating it with all the essentials is important to beautify its appearance and add a cosy factor. From selecting sofas or chairs to fixing a TV stand, you need to make sure that your living room has all the accessories to look complete. Also, don’t forget to add a personal touch with photos and paintings to this place Read more [...]
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Different Types of Sofas for Your Living Room (Part 1)

Sofas are a key furniture in a living room. From vintage models with wide armrests to modern sleek designs, they steal the show in any living space. This type of furniture decorates and also gives you comfort when you rest after a long day. In this blog post, our experts recommend a variety of sofas that can beautify your living room and provide comfort. These recommendations can be useful for any style of home. Cabriole Sofa If you want to add an antique touch to your living space, then Read more [...]
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How to Design a Stress-Free Bedroom

The bedroom should be the most relaxing place in your home, the room to unwind and take the stress out after a tiring day. But if your bedroom is unorganized, dirty and filled with distracting elements, it will become the one you want to be away from. Your bedroom décor plays a vital role in making the room comfortable and relaxing. From furniture to accessories and placement to decoration, every aspect is important for creating a relaxing bedroom. If you want to transform your bedroom into a Read more [...]

How to Perfectly Arrange a Small Living Room

A living room is a space where you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea while talking to your family members. But, if you have a cramped and claustrophobic living area, then the same space becomes uninviting. The solution for making a small living room more appealing, visually spacious and aesthetically pleasing, is to spruce up its décor and layout. The decoration of a small living room is important to maximize its space and trick your eyes into thinking that the room is bigger than it appears. Read more [...]