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5 Creative Wall Decor Ideas for Your Interiors

Wall art has the power to take your interior designing to the next level. It can add a unique style and personality to your rooms. When used properly, it can serve as an excellent framework for planning the rest of the room according to your designing style. Here are 5 creative ideas to spice up your empty walls like those in the pages of interior design magazines.Decorate with Handmade WreathsHandmade wreaths crafted from natural elements can be hung on your blank walls. It’s easy Read more [...]

Experiment with wall papers!

Walls are the most important element of every house and how you dress them up greatly determines the personality of your home. Every home is special and so is every room. Painted walls in different hues add warmth and life to a home, but it may not be always possible to try out new color schemes on walls for various reasons like you may have a time constraint, restricted budget, lack of manpower, etc. However, for a quick wall makeover that will truly perk up the interiors as well as be easy on the Read more [...]