How to Choose the Best Designer Bedside Lamps

When you are accessorizing your home with the best furniture, lighting and other items, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. The items should complement your home decor and suit your personal tastes. One decorative and yet necessary item that everyone should invest in, is bedside lamps. They not only beautify the bedroom but also help you to read or carry on any other bedroom activities without disturbing anyone else sharing the room.

Best Designer Bedside Lamps

This post is a guide to choosing the right designer bedside lamp that will best complement your overall decor and at the same time provide sufficient light.

Number of lamps needed

The foremost thing that you must consider is the number of bedside lamps you need. This is dependent on the size of the room and your bed. If you have a single bed, one lamp is enough to read irrespective of the side of the bed where you are lying down. Also, the room should have other primary sources of light apart from the bedside lamp to make sure the room is well-lit.

Style that complements your bedroom

Your bedroom should look complete when you are adding a bedside lamp. You may come across some beautiful designer bedside lamps, but they may not be the perfect choice for your bedroom. The size of the bedroom, the height of the bedside table, the colour scheme of the room are some factors which influence the choice of the lamp. It must complement all the fabrics and colours in your bedroom and at the same time must not appear out of proportion in the room. Look for designer lamp shades which have some similarity to at least one element in your bedroom. The lampshade can match with the area rug you are using or add a rustic touch to your traditional canopy bed; the possibilities are many.

Height and width of the lamp

Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing a lamp that is disproportionate compared to the bedroom. While the lamp may be individually beautiful, this dissonance can be very unsightly when you take the entire room into consideration. Look for a bedside lamp that is as high as your nightstand so that it is at the right height. It should not be shining right above your head or too low to read properly. The bedside lamp should be roughly one-third of the width of the nightstand. Keeping these measurements in mind, you can easily choose the right bedside lamp for your bedroom regarding the size and proportion.

Look for unconventional designs

Unique and unconventional designs stand out making them a statement piece which can become the focal point of the bedroom. The bedroom is the most private room of the house where you can display your quirkiness without worrying about how others will react to it. If you get a very unconventional lampshade that you personally love but not very sure about how it will be accepted by others, go for it and use it as a bedside lamp.

There are several boutique stores which can offer you unique lighting options that are designer, like us!

Colour and style

As long as the bedside lamp blends into the entire bedroom decor, its style and colour is a matter of personal preference. You will find numerous alternate options in various colours, materials and designs which you can consider. If you prefer something trendy and may change it in a couple of years, your choices are diverse and will be within a budget price. However, if you want something that will last long, choose products made from tougher materials like alloys and metals and with a durable lighting mechanism designed by reputed brands. The bedside lamp can be a powerful accent for your bedroom decor if chosen right.

A set of lamps

If you have a double or a king-size bed and need two lamps at both sides of it, look for a pair of lamps. This will create a beautiful symmetry in the room which has an overall pleasing effect on the entire decor. If you want to create an unconventional look, choose two lamps which have similar built but different heights for each side of the bed. Such a deliberate mismatch creates a very striking look which complements the overall decor. This can be a tricky thing to do, but using the help of a professional interior designer and their advice can set thing right for your home.

Consider your budget

You can find designer lighting accessories for various prices. The materials, design, the uniqueness of the product and the brand altogether influence the price. Before you go shopping for your bedside lamp, determine how much are you willing to spend on it. It can be very difficult to resist when you are spoilt with so many beautiful choices at the store and have no fixed budget in mind. You may end up buying something very expensive impulsively, only to wish you bought something else.

A bedside lamp is a necessity that is often overlooked. Not only that, it is a strong accent for your bedroom decor if chosen with care. The above-mentioned tips can be helpful if you bare them in mind while shopping. You can always consult one of our professional interior designers while you visit our store for this purpose.

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