How to Choose the Best Fabric for Your Upholstery

When you want to ensure comfort and beauty at the same time in your décor, then upholstered furniture is the first thing that comes to mind. Be it a sofa or an armchair, upholstered furniture items add cosiness and interest to your living space. But, if you want to make the most of those versatile pieces of furniture, you should choose the fabric for your upholstery with care.

Many factors must be taken into consideration before choosing a suitable upholstery fabric for your furniture. If you’re new to fabric selection, then read this post to learn how to choose the best fabric for your upholstery.


Durability is the most important factor in fabric selection. It depends on which room the furniture is being used and how it is being used. For example, if you have pets and small children at home, then the durability of the fabric is crucial. In that case, go for woven patterns as they have higher thread counts (the count of threads per square inch of fabric) and tighter weaves, thus making it a tough piece to withstand damage caused by pets and children. That said, if you’re using the furniture in your living room with high traffic and frequent use, then choose a piece made of leather or microfiber fabric as it can last longer.


The colour of the fabric is a crucial factor as it affects the overall room décor. It must be chosen according to the size of the room you’re placing the furniture, where you’re placing the furniture and the colour scheme of the room. Choose light-coloured fabric for smaller rooms as a bright-coloured furniture will give a cluttered look to your spaces whereas a neutral-coloured furniture will add calmness to the décor. Avoid using light colours if the furniture will be used by pets and children.

Dark-coloured upholstery fabrics are ideal choices for rooms with a neutral colour scheme as it will give the needed pop of colour to the décor. It is also a good choice for media rooms as it will create a theatre-like environment.


The choice of fabric also depends on its cleanability, i.e., its ability to be cleaned. A fabric with high cleanability is ideal for homes that need to clean their upholstery frequently, especially for homes with naughty kids. Easy to clean fabrics such as synthetic fabrics and leather are good options as they don’t allow spillage to penetrate and cause stains. However, if your upholstered furniture is less likely to get stained or damaged, then the fabrics that require maintenance will be good for you.

The next time you plan to buy upholstered furniture for your home, make sure that you consider its colour, durability, and maintenance. However, if you or your family members are suffering from allergies, then hypoallergenic fabrics will be the best choice for you. To learn more about fabric choices and durable upholstered furniture pieces, contact a reliable furniture store near you and get the most suitable piece for your home.

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