How to Choose the Right Art and Decor for Your Home

Apart from essential furniture and accessories, every home needs a certain amount of art to balance the aesthetics. However, choosing the right artistic accessories can be tricky when you have so many unique options to choose from. Interior design experts have many tried and tested ideas up their sleeves which help them achieve the perfect balance between art and functionality. Art can be in any form ranging from table sculptures, paintings to wall art and ornate mirrors and even succulents.

best art & decor for home

This post shares some insider’s tips to design an artistic home using different art forms judiciously.

Choose Your Style

Before you go around shopping for every ornament and wall art that catches your eye, consider your personal style and taste. What kind of style do you wish to create? Your selection of accessories depends largely on the kind of look you are trying to achieve. Are you more inclined towards symmetry, crisp lines, and an overall clean look? Or do you prefer a more unique layout such as an eclectic art and abstract look?When you have a clear vision of the look you want to create, choosing the right art and accessories will become easier.

Rule of Thirds

This is a universal but unspoken rule of interior decor where grouping in odd number and minimum of three is considered to look better than even grouping. When you are picking up any genre of decorative item or lighting, pick up three of them. Choose items which have slight variation but share a basic similarity. For example, if you are picking up decorative vessels, pick up three which vary in shape but have the same texture, material, and belongs to the same colour family. The same applies to pendant lights.

Pick Statement Pieces

Choosing a large-scale statement piece can have a drastic impact, depending on its placement and how well it complements the room decor. If you have a minimalist interior, consider a bold table sculpture which can become the focal point of the decor. The piece of art can be a wall art that faces the entrance and is easily visible right from the threshold. Places like the bare wall above a sofa, or any place which is in full view from any part of the room are suitable for setting up a solo statement sculpture. However, since it is a focal attraction, make sure you choose an item that complements your overall home decor.

Mix and Match

If you choose the right pieces, mixing and matching can be a great way to showcase your taste in art. While choosing the items, choose three of them and display them together on a tray. This will make sure they do not appear as haphazard items lying around. Also, ensure you are selecting them in appropriate sizes so that, together they do not appear disproportionate with respect to the place where they are being displayed.A corner curio case can help utilize the unused space in your room to display of attractive trinkets.

Know where to start

Having a centrepiece around which you plan and coordinate the rest of the accessories and overall decor is helpful to start decorating. If you already have a favourite statement artwork, invest in pieces that coordinate well with it and can be positioned suitably around the room. Choose a central piece sculpture which resonates your personal tastes and influences the ambience of your home the way you want it to. Irrespective of the kind of decor theme you are trying to achieve, having an anchor piece which has a sentimental value ensures the entire decor theme exudes your personal style.

Keep it practical

Do remember to maintain a balance between the form and function of the elements you use for decoration to maintain a comfortable space. When you are choosing ornaments for your room, ensure they enhance the functionality of the room along with enhancing the beauty. If your room lacks natural light, consider using ornamental mirrors strategically around the room as they reflect the light, making your room appear brighter. Another way to combine utility and decor is choosing ornate lamp shades or chandeliers which will give you enough light.

Follow your heart

Your personal tastes and preferences often lose their way while keeping in mind all the rules and technicalities of interior decor. Hence, prioritize the objects that make you happy and use such items for the decor. Choose ornamental pieces which have sentimental value and are important to you. The key is to follow your heart and create an interior that will be unique and have an impact.

Add some colour

Use table sculptures and wall art to add some vibrancy to your room. A dash of colour can be very refreshing in a room with a neutral colour palette. However, take into consideration the existing colour scheme of the room while selecting the sculptures and art pieces, so that an overall balance can be maintained.

Wall art, decorative sculptures and ornaments are equally important as the furniture of the room to enhance the aesthetics. Keeping in mind the suggestions shared by expert interior designers, you can easily find the perfect art and decor to beautify your home.

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