5 Ingenious Ways to Use Classic Blue to Create a Serene Interior

For every interior designer or home-styling professional for whom colour plays a vital role in their job, the end of every year is much anticipated. That’s when the colour experts at Pantone announce their colour of the forthcoming year. In 2020 it’s Classic Blue. A serene yet rich and timeless shade, it’s common but has never been celebrated in this way before. For homeowners who love to keep up with trends, upgrading your home with the latest Pantone colour of the year is the simplest trend to follow. Here, we share a few ways to spruce up your furniture and home’s interior using Classic Blue – but within your budget.

Upgrade Your Home Décor with Classic Blue

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home with Classic Blue

As much as we love bright and radiant colours, when it comes to using them in our home décor, we have to think twice. That’s because they’re tricky to use. Classic blue is no exception. But what makes it a versatile choice is the muted depth that adds a visual dimension to your home but at the same time doesn’t look overbearing. The following are few ways to successfully incorporate this colour into your interior décor.

  1. Statement furniture

A safe and effective way to integrate this colour into your interior design is by choosing a piece of Classic Blue furniture to dominate the room. This could be a plush sofa set with Classic Blue upholstery in your living room or a blue bed frame and headboard. The key is to let the other accessories and décor revolve around this statement piece in order to complement its regal beauty.

  1. Accent wall

Classic Blue is a rich, bright colour. And while you could paint an entire wall (this is called the accent wall), many homeowners opt to paint a small area for a more conservative look. A Classic Blue accent wall complemented by other light colours can make any room look inviting. Using blue as the primary or accent colour depends on the size and type of room. Since it’s a deep hue, Classic Blue makes rooms look smaller when used as the primary paint.

  1. Use it in conjunction with other colours

Classic Blue need not be the only bold colour you choose. To make a room look wholesome, use it along with other colours that contrast or blend in with it. A pop of lemon yellow in the form of accessories like a lamp shade or wall art is a perfect example of balancing Classic Blue with another bright colour. Another way to incorporate other colours into your décor is by investing in abstract paintings that complement the rich blue.

  1. Bar stools and cabinetry

Give your kitchen some new life by simply changing the colour of the cabinetry to Classic Blue. This will work particularly well if your countertop is white, black or pale pink. To balance this look, invest in a few bar stools with Classic Blue seats. It’s casual but can make your kitchen look serene and bright.

  1. Upholstery

Changing the upholstery of furniture and the fabrics of curtains and cushions is the best way to affordably follow trends. Consider sofa covers and tablecloths made of fabric in this shade of blue. Be it solid or patterned, it should include Classic Blue. But don’t go overboard and change all your upholstery to this shade as it can make your room seem crowded.

Classic Blue is a bright, versatile colour that complements a wide spectrum of other shades. Incorporating it into your home becomes easy when you keep the tips mentioned above in mind.  Upgrading your home with this trendy colour will make it look and feel brand new.

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