How to Create a Flawless Furniture Arrangement

The furniture arrangement of a room is an important aspect to get a well-decorated and appealing space. It plays a vital role in making the room more comfortable and aesthetically sound. But, arranging furniture pieces in a room is a daunting task as it needs a lot of attention to detail, sense of décor and creativity to create a space worth admiring.

There are some basic rules of furniture arrangement that come in handy to make the most of your living space. Here are some rules of thumb for furniture arrangements to create a flawless and meaningful home décor.

Select a Focal Point
A point of attraction is necessary for your furniture arrangement as it will act as an anchor to put things together. You can arrange your furniture pieces around it to give a layout to the room. A focal point could be anything that catches the attention the moment you enter the room. For example, a mantelpiece or a bay window. If you don’t have an existing focal point, then you can create one with a television, a wall accent, a chandelier or a piece of art.

Consider the Functionality
Before placing furniture in a room, consider how you’re planning to use the room. If it is your bedroom, then the arrangement should be more about creating a cozy, relaxing space with a bed, a side table, a lamp, etc. If you’ll be using it as a living room, then the placement should be focused on creating a space to sit, watch television and read a book, by adding furniture pieces like a sofa, recliner, a coffee table, etc.

Create Conversation Areas
The furniture pieces should be placed to create a conversation area. The sofas and chairs should face each other so that people could talk without obstructions in the middle. If you can’t place the furniture pieces exactly opposite, then make sure that they are close enough to facilitate a natural conversation.

Leave Room to Move
Buying high-quality designer furniture for your living room or bedroom is not enough to make an impact if you place them without leaving enough room to move. It is important to leave at least 30 inches of space between each piece of furniture so that there is space for people to walk through the room. If you’re placing a coffee table near the sofa, then 14-18 inches of space is recommended between them.

Create Harmony
Look for balance and harmony while arranging furniture. Consider the size and then decide the placement. To make your living space even, put a large furniture item in the centre and place two smaller ones on each end rather than grouping similar sized pieces at one corner of the room. For example, a bed in the centre with two similar side tables and table lamps will balance the home décor and bring harmony to your bedroom.

The secret to getting flawless furniture arrangement is to follow these basic rules. Choose a point of attraction in the room, find balance when arranging furniture, leave enough room to move, arrange furniture to create a conversation area and consider the functionality of the room before deciding which furniture items to use. Keep these tricks in mind to get a well-decorated and attractive home.

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