Different Types of Chairs for Your Home (Part 1)

There is a huge variety of chairs available for your dining, living, study, bar or bedroom. In fact, with modern styles in vogue, there are traditional chairs too that create a style statement in your home.

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Here is a rundown of the varied styles of chairs that can be ordered or bought for your place. Read on!

  • Armchair

Armchairs are a traditional chair available in most households. Their unique feature lies in the armrests. Comfortable in nature, an armchair is all you need after a hectic day. It can be used as a formal or casual chair in a living or dining space.

  • Wing Chair

The wing chair has an interesting story behind it. It was made to protect the person sitting on it from the heat of the fireplace. The wings on these chairs can vary in shape, size and length. Though two styles of wings are common, they are scroll and flat.

  • Chaise Lounge

In French, a chaise lounge is a long chair. These chairs are perfect for lounging the name. They have a long seat where a person can sit with their feet up and relax. Your living room or bedroom is the perfect place to keep one these chairs.

  • Chesterfield Chair

Chesterfield chairs have a rich historical background. London Gallery says that 4th Earl of Chesterfield commissioned the first of these quilted, deep buttoned leather fabric chairs. They look similar to a wing chair for their armrests. But, the unique feature of these chairs is that they are covered in leather which makes them expensive.

  • Dining Chair

There is a huge variety of dining chairs available. The main criteria for a chair to be classified as a dining chair is a higher seat that assists in eating meals comfortably. If you’re fond of modern décor, then sticking to sleek designs is a good option.

  • Slipper Chair

Popular in the 19th Century, slipper chairs are still prevalent in the interiors of different types of homes. The low seat of this chair is the striking feature that was designed especially for ladies to wear shoes, stocking and other clothes. You can use this chair in your dining or living room.

The above-mentioned pieces are some of the signature chairs that can fit perfectly in your room. But, the list is not over yet. Read our next blog to know more about other types, their history and how well they can complete the look of your home.

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