Different Types of Chairs for Your Home (Part 2)

In our previous blog post, we discussed a multitude of different chair options that you could pick for your home. But, those weren’t your only chair options. There are still many more styles and designs available. Keep reading to learn what other options await you.

living room furniture

  • Club Chair

The low back with heavy armrests is what club chair is all about. The arms and back of this chair are the same height. This chair can be easily found in hotels, lounges and similar places. It was popular in gentlemen’s clubs from 1850 in London. If you’re fashion savvy, then this chair is the perfect fit for your living space.

  • Easy Chair

An easy chair is a chair with a half inclined padded back and armrests. This is an upholstered chair which ensures comfort. Furthermore, the padded back is apt for curling up after a long day. There are many designs available in this category to choose from.

  • Cogswell Chair

Cogswell chairs have a sloping back, armrests with an open-end underneath and cabriole front legs. Thanks to their fabric finish, they are extremely comfortable. Modern variations of the chair are perfect for an office or a living room.

  • Farthingale Chair

This chair is interesting because it was specially designed for women wearing hooped skirts back when they were popular. The chair was made with a wide cushioned and upholstered seat to house this fashion. It has straight or rectangular legs. The backrest may or may not be upholstered. You can say it’s similar to a slipper chair.

  • Fiddleback Chair

If you’re fond of wooden chairs, then the fiddleback is the right choice for you. The distinctive splat (middle section of the seat back with a carving of a fiddle), and an upholstered seat are the main features of this type of chair. It was popular before and is now available in different styles. This is apt for your dining or kitchen.

  • Egg Chair

Stylish, classy and versatile, egg chairs are a perfect blend of modern and traditional elements. Originally designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen in 1958, the curvy style of this chair is the main attraction. Jacobsen designed this for Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in the 1950s. Since then it’s been popular in homes, offices and hotels.

Although we’ve mentioned many different types of chairs in these last two posts, there are still others that we haven’t mentioned! If you’re willing to buy any of these chairs for your home or office, then visit Bijan Interiors. You will get an idea how they look in reality and select your favourite from our wide collection.

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