Different Types of Sofas for Your Living Room (Part 1)

Sofas are a key furniture in a living room. From vintage models with wide armrests to modern sleek designs, they steal the show in any living space. This type of furniture decorates and also gives you comfort when you rest after a long day.

In this blog post, our experts recommend a variety of sofas that can beautify your living room and provide comfort. These recommendations can be useful for any style of home.

  • Cabriole Sofa

If you want to add an antique touch to your living space, then nothing can be more suitable than a Cabriole sofa. This type of sofa symbolizes the furniture of the 18th Century. Its unique s-shaped legs support the upper portion, which is curved outward, and the lower portion, which is curved inward. The wooden exposed frame is a distinctive feature of this type of sofa. It also features low arms and fine lines.

  • Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield sofa has a charm of its own that makes it an outstanding addition to your living space. A symbol of noble sophistication, this sofa perfectly combines leather and tufting, creating a quilted effect. It also features rolled arms that are the same height of the back.
This type of sofa has a story to tell. It was made exclusively for the fourth Earl of Chesterfield in England. He wanted a furniture to sit upright without wrinkling his suit. This sofa was designed keeping this specification in mind.

  • Lawson Sofa

This type of sofa was commissioned by the American businessman Thomas W. Lawson, who was looking for extra comfort. The uniqueness of this sofa lies in its low arms and layers of cushions. The arms can be slightly squared or rolled. Leather finishes, different textiles, and embedded materials are used in different types of Lawson sofas available in the market.

  • English Rolled Arm Sofa

Do you want a cosy quotient in your living space? If so, English Rolled Arm sofa is the right choice for you. It is the definition of comfort and style blended perfectly. This exhibits a vibe of the British countryside. The soft tight back, recessed arms, short legs, oversized cushions are some of the main features of this furniture. For modern interiors, English Rolled Arm sofa is the best fit.

  • Camelback Sofa

Add a style statement to your living space with a Camelback sofa. The shape of this sofa looks like a camel, it rises in the middle and the edges. The arched back is the unique attribute of this sofa that makes it look stylish, chic and suitable for modern décor homes. Exposed legs, square or rolled arms, and a backboard without cushions are some other features of this sofa.

This is not the end of this list. There are other types of modern and contemporary sofas, like Tuxedo, Bridgewater, Knole, Chaise, and Mid-Century Sectional. To know more about them, read our next blog. Any of these styles in your living space will get compliments from your visitors.

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