12 Awesome Dining Room Decor Trends to Watch out for in 2019

Crafting the perfect home is an art built upon various influences. With the trends changing by the year, it is often difficult to keep up. In this post, we are focusing on the dining room as it sees a lot of activity throughout the day.

This post shares twelve fabulous trends to follow for 2019 for dining room decor and furnishing in general.

Material, Upholstery and Colour trends

Material, Upholstery and Colour trends

The colour scheme, materials and the upholstery used for the furniture together have a vital role to play in any interior decor. The following are the latest trends which you can incorporate in your dining room decor:

  • Oxidized Oak

A blackened version of the traditional white oak is a trending choice of material for various furniture, including dining tables. It has a rustic appeal and is versatile enough to fit into any decor.

2019 will bring more furniture and cabinetry that is a blackened version of our tried and true white oak. It will provide the comfort and grounding people are looking for in their spaces.
Kristen Pena, interior designer
  • Blush Tones

Different shades of blush pink are the new neutral to homeowners. It is a versatile colour that pairs well with bold as well as sober shades. You can easily use it as a complementary tone against shades like navy blue, citrine, forest green, grey, and neutrals.

  • Handcrafted Pieces

A return to traditional handcrafted furniture will be seen throughout 2019 over mass-produced furniture. Custom-made pieces from traditional natural materials like hardwood, terrazzo, and stone are under the limelight once more.

  • Creative Metal

Innovative ways of using metal as a part of artistic furniture pieces are a trend these days. However, rose gold is out of fashion. Functional metallic art using blackened brass and copper is a popular choice now.

  • Antiques

Antique designs are experiencing a major comeback as people are looking for furniture pieces which tell a story and has the weight of age in their appearance. An antique wooden dining table can become the centre of attraction, dominating the overall decor.


Interior Lighting

It goes without saying that lighting has a major influence on how the overall decor will turn out. There are different designs and new technology to look forward to while you plan on upgrading your dining room with the latest trends:

  • Exposed Wiring

When done right, exposed cords and wires lend the room an unfinished but homely vibe. It resonates the easy-going, relaxed and casual feel that many homeowners prefer these days.

  • Matte Finished Fixtures

An inclination towards matte finish for lighting fixture is growing in the present times. Choose stately pendant lights in a matte finish to hang over your antique style dining table, creating a juxtaposition of the traditional and modern look.

  • Mix and Match

Dining rooms usually feature asymmetrical and straightforward decor which can be monotonous. Consider using light fixtures of the same colour and texture but different shapes and sizes together to break the monotony. It can be a very creative way of adding some style and personality to the room if you use the right pieces.

  • Chandeliers

If you love the old-school decor, chandeliers go hand-in-hand within dining room decor. There is a timeless beauty in classic crystal pieces. They serve as the focal point in the room and allows you space for more lighting fixtures according to your requirements. The key is to choose a chandelier that complements the overall decor.

Dining Room Trends

Dining Room Decor Trends

So far, we have shared trends which are as applicable to dining spaces as any other part of the house. It is entirely a matter of personal taste and preference how you make the most of these trends. The following are trending decor ideas which are specifically centred around the dining space:

  • Rustic Charm

2019 is witnessing a major inclination towards rustic decor for every room and the dining area is no exception. An overall rustic theme completed with a suitable dining set and light fixtures set a charming ambience.

  • Benches Instead of Chairs

A modern twist to dining decor is incorporating benches that match your dining table instead of chairs. It is a space saving option and allows more seating area. It also creates an informal setting as benches are less formal. The overall result is a very intimate space which is perfect for all kinds of gatherings and parties.

  • Mirrored Tabletop

The mirrored or reflective table-top adds glamour to the overall interior decor. If you are not keen on such a dramatic furniture piece, consider opting for mirrors and sideboards with a glazed and antique finish for a bit of drama to the home decor. The mottled and worn finish of antique mirrors has its advantages as well since it disguises any wear and stain perfectly.

The dining room is the hub of all family gatherings and deserves a warm and welcoming decor. If you have a creative mind, you can easily incorporate the latest trends mentioned here. If not, our skilled interior designers will be more than happy to assist and advise you with right ideas.

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