5 Attractive Ways to Style Your Dining Table

A dining table is often overlooked when it comes to its stylistic capabilities, despite its being a functional furniture piece in your Toronto home. When the table isn’t being used to share meals with loved ones, it usually becomes the dumping ground for papers, and bags among other things. However, most homeowners overlook the fact that it offers a huge expanse of space that could do well with some styling and décor. We have prepared this blog-post with interior design tips that will work for small homes and ensure you take your dining table usage beyond just meal times.

Different Ways to Style the Dining Table in Your Home

  1. Fruits, Flowers, and Plants

This is a way to incorporate natural and colourful elements and inject some life into the space. Adding colourful fruits, flowers and plants can help you make a bold statement too. The beauty of using these elements is that you can rotate the florals and fruits as they change seasonally, and is ideal for reflecting stunning tones of each. Currently, plants are popularly being used in interiors for their lush and vibrant colours. You can consider selecting a pot with contrasting colours, such as a wooden table with a concrete pot. Look outside when choosing florals, to take inspiration from nature. Flake flora and fauna can be considered if you’re not looking for a high-maintenance task to changing these elements very often and can be the perfect solution for busy homeowners.

  1. Vessels

Vessels, whether they are metal, ceramic, wood, resin or glass are ideal for grouping together and used as a centerpiece on the table. You can choose a trio of gorgeous artisan ceramic vessels in varying sizes and shapes. This is an effective way of styling the tabletop without having to put in too much of an effort. Resin and glass vessels also look beautiful when kept in groups. Keep in mind, it’s always better to arrange them in odd numbers as this makes the groups even more aesthetically appealing to the eyes. To take things up a notch, ass some greenery into these vases. Also, keep in mind that its best to use a variety of shapes and heights to create a cohesive look.

  1. Table Runners

If table cloths aren’t your thing, you can opt for table runners instead. Placing two runners carefully at opposing ends can add a level of uniqueness. This style can create a brilliant illusion of more space than there actually might be.  However, you don’t need to limit yourself to only table runners as there are many other ways of adding some creative flair to the table. For instance, napkins can be used for other things besides just to clean up food. You can make pockets out of them and hold cutlery in them to provide an elegant feel to the setting.

  1. Pendant Lights

Sometimes, it isn’t just about what’s on top of the table, but what’s above it. You can hang a pendant light which is a great way to use the space to create an attractive style statement. There is a trend for incredible feature lighting in interiors so you can easily make the most of it by selecting a pendant light to sit above the dining table.

Dining table with pendant light

  1. Centre Piece

Sitting with loved ones over a meal is among the most basic and natural instincts that a person can have. You can use a large piece of driftwood as a vessel to carry candy and in the process, create a unique centrepiece. It will also make for a memorable table setting that your guests will talk about. If you want to mix things up even further, ditch the traditional silver cutlery and go for rose gold ones instead. Even the smallest change can give the table a trendy feel and something for everyone to talk about.

Other Things You Should Consider:

  • Scale – A small table needs a small item on it and the same is applicable for big ones. Quite often homeowners are found using mini décor on large tables which make the space look odd.
  • Restraint – It’s okay to choose something grand but refrain from having lots of knick-knacks running down the table. Although it may seem like a great scenario, know that they’re meant for special occasions. You wouldn’t want your table to be crowded on a daily basis.
  • Height – If you plan on keeping the centrepiece on the table all the time, make sure its above face level when people are seated on it. Otherwise, it may block the view and hinder the conversation.
  1. Rugs

Rugs are an integral part of dining room decor, be it classic or contemporary. They can be used as an accent piece and take the design scheme to a whole new level. Rugs are available in numerous colours, hues, patterns and textures to ensure that every homeowner will find something suited to their interiors.

  1. Flatware

Adding gold flatware gives an instant facelift to your dining table. The metallic finish offers a high sheen that stands out in any setting and provides a luxurious feel. Alternatively, opulent black flatware offers a mysterious and moody edge.

  1. Dining Vignette

When placed at the centre of your dining table, a stylish vignette becomes an attractive focal point. It also saves you time as you have everything you need right where you need it.

Consider creating a dining vignette for essential decor items such as a napkin holder and salt & pepper shakers. You can also layer different materials, like a wooden board on a marble table, or vice versa, to keep the table from ever looking dull. Additionally, try adding personal touches like decorative placemats, textural coasters or a small vase with flowers.

  1. Seasonal Displays

Your formal dining table is most often used during holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. But you can decorate it for other holidays and times of the year with appropriate seasonal displays. For instance, in spring, match real or faux flowers with plate settings of the same colour scheme. In summer, keeping a bowl of colourful fresh fruits makes your dining table the room’s focal point.

These are some easy styling ideas you can use on your dining table to make it more attractive and functional when not being used during meal times. Though a little tricky to decorate than other rooms in the home, you can use the table and adorn it with something that adds to the aesthetics of the entire space. Homeowners looking to decorate their dining table set will benefit from this blog-post with ideas on different styles they can incorporate without spending too much.

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