How to Dog-Proof Your Precious Furniture in NoTime

Say you visited the furniture store and absolutely fell in love with a delicate but unique accent chair that you are sure will look perfect in your living room. But you are still apprehensive to buy it as you are worried about the temperament of your four-legged family member who loves to chew on anything new in the house. Sounds familiar? Stopping your pets, particularly the younger ones, from chewing on to anything and everything they find is near impossible. But you can take preventive measures which will minimize the impact of their tendencies.

Dog-Proof Your Precious Furniture

In this post, we share some tips which will protect your furniture from your pet’s teeth and claws without diminishing their beauty.

Use covers

Your dog is likely to have a favourite spot on the couch, where it likes to lie down. Keeping that portion covered will ensure it does not get stained or trap pet hair if they urinate accidentally or simply sit there. Covering up the furniture is the easiest way to dog-proof them. There are numerous fashionable yet functional covers available today. You can use washable blankets, custom-made slipovers or throw blankets for this purpose. You can simply remove and put them in the washer when you need to clean them, which is much easier than vacuuming the sofa every other day.

Pet-friendly upholstery

Choosing a fabric or material that is durable and can withstand the abuse it may endure from your pet is always a safe choice. This will ensure your furniture does not need replacement before its time. Materials that are easy to clean, can withstand scratches better and don’t trap dirt should be among your preferred choices. Leather, microfibre, denim, canvas are some options to consider.

We have a detailed blog discussing the top pet-friendly upholsteries that you can look through to learn about this factor in detail.

Cover up bare legs

Puppies, in particular, have the tendency to chew on anything they find when they are teething. To your dismay, you will observe that the wooden or metal legs of your furniture happens to be their favourite. Teaching your puppy not to chew on the wooden legs is easier said than done. Avoiding wooden furniture with long legs is the easiest solution but not always an option we have the heart to accept when there are so many beautiful pieces to own. You can spray the legs with repellents like bitter apple spray instead, to prevent them from gnawing. You may also consider crate training your puppy as gnawing the furniture not only damages them but also harms your puppy too.

Invest in durable, dark coloured furniture

The dark colour is very useful to hide pet scratches, stains and pawprints so that you can avoid cleaning regularly. Durable materials can last longer despite your pet’s destructive tendencies, allowing you to reap the maximum utility out of them. Sturdy furniture which are straight-lined are better choices compared to softer and fluffier designs. Sofas with removable seats which can be unzipped and washed allow you the flexibility to clean them easily so that you can absolutely remove pet odours and stains.

You can find more tips in this detailed guide to choosing the right furniture that are suitable for your pets and make the right investment.

Groom your pets periodically

Bathing and brushing your pets periodically can reduce shedding to a significant extent. You can also use de-shedding tools if your dog sheds excessively. Trimming their nails too will ensure it is blunt and does not tear through your furniture upholstery or scratch them. Use a superior quality nail file to smoothen the edges of their nails so that they are not too sharp. If regular grooming does not reduce the trouble much, consider matching furniture and upholstery with their coat colour to hide the pet hair that has fallen out.

Set boundaries and “no-pet” zones

Train your pets in time about restricted zones in the house and places where they are not allowed. This way you can save that precious and exotic armchair handed down through generations or that dining set you treasure from their mischiefs. This can be done in many ways. If they absolutely won’t take your orders, consider using cans of compressed air. Simply honk it away from your pet and the sound will startle them off the furniture. The key is to employ methods which are safe and healthy for your pets.

Get a cozy dog-bed

A tactful way to keep your pets off your couch and other furniture is by giving them a comfortable bed of their own. You will be surprised to see that how often your pets spend time on their own bed instead of trying to get on your couch if they like the bed. Choose high-quality dog beds which are comfortable enough for them, so they do not need to lie on the couch or your bed. This will keep their fur and pawprints off your furniture and at the same time ensure their well-being.

If you enjoy decorating your home with hand-picked furniture, you will also want them to be in the best condition. Your pets can be a nuisance for your favourite furniture if they are not well-trained. The above mentioned are some effective ways to dog-proof the furniture in particular so that you get the maximum utility out of them and they remain in a good condition.

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